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By: LDI Connect on July 10, 2020

Cyber Security in the Digital Age

Cyber Security

In the age of technology transformation and innovation, advancements are constantly being made to shift our personal and workplace information online. Although technology is helpful in our everyday lives and offices, hackers can breach your company’s system easier than ever before to obtain confidential data within your network. Cybersecurity provides protection from theft or damage to your company’s hardware, software, and electronic information from outsiders looking to disrupt the services you provide along with utilizing the stolen data for the gain of themselves or a group for most commonly, profit.


Cyberattacks are more common than you may think. Based on the 2019 Ponemon Institute Report, breaches have increased by 20% since 2016, and they will only continue to grow without proper protection. The majority of hacks occur through simple human error, usually by fault of a company employee because they are easily targeted through email links or corporate passwords. Hackers make up an average of 1.2 million dollars in damages, and 66% of small to medium sized businesses have experienced a breach within the last 12 months. No company, big or small, should be left vulnerable to cyberattacks and risk exposing sensitive information and/or monetary loss.


Cybersecurity is the responsibility of every employee. The members of your company should be properly trained to detect where breaches may come from in the form of suspicious emails or even social media. These safety tactics are essential to your organizations protection, and must be updated often, as hackers advance their attack methods quickly. In accordance with your employee training, the integration of a cybersecurity system is arguably the most important factor in your company’s protection and should be installed as a base layer to ensure the privacy of your data.


Don’t remain vulnerable – the best approach to defend yourself against a breach is to simply prepare your employees and install a security system that you trust. Talk to us today to start a free trial of SentinelOne – the best platform for preventing, detecting, responding, and hunting potential cyberattacks. LDI knows the risks of evolving in the digital age and are here to help support your company with security systems you can trust. 

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