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By: Angela Cook on April 22, 2021

5 Reasons To Choose An Independent Dealer For Your Printing Needs

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When it comes to acquiring new printing equipment, one might think that purchasing or leasing a multifunction device or a production printer from a manufacturer is better than going with an independent dealer for your printing needs. 

This is partly due to customers not knowing what kind of support and user experience they are missing out on when they decide to go with a manufacturer over an Independent Provider. There is more to a production printing solution than acquiring a production printer with a reputable brand name.

For over twenty years, LDI has worked as an independent print solutions dealer, working closely with customers in various industries to help them acquire and effectively use a production printer. LDI’s technicians are service trained by the manufacturer and have a broad scope of how to service several printing devices.

This article will cover the differences between an independent dealer versus a manufacturer. We will also dive into five reasons why choosing an Independent Dealer can best help you with your printing needs. By the end of this article, you will know what to expect from working with an independent dealer.


What Is An Independent Dealer VS. A Manufacturer?

An Independent dealer can offer a full line of various printer copier brands. Depending on whether you’re interested in obtaining a multifunction printer, a production printer,  or both; an independent dealer can provide reliable high-end equipment with service and support that ensures that your equipment works properly.

A manufacturer can only sell you the machines they manufacture and recommend products that best meet your printing needs and goals.


What Are 5 Reasons To Choose An Independent Dealer For Your Printing Needs?

A lot more goes into deciding which printing device to lease or buy than simply picking the equipment based on price or brand name. 

The right printing device is important, but so is the service, support, and user-friendly experience you are provided with from the very beginning of the sale to the moment you get the equipment installed and set up.

Let’s explore five reasons why choosing an Independent Dealer for your printing needs can benefit your organization.

1. Flexibility

Once you have decided that your organization requires a specific type of printer, next comes assessing your exact needs and wants. An Independent Provider can offer various printing equipment from numerous vendors, giving you free rein and insight into which machine could best meet your goals.

An Independent Provider can easily mix and match various products and services for you by offering flexibility and customizable options from different printer copiers, devices, categories, and speeds.

Ultimately, an Independent Provider will help your organization create a customized plan suitable for your ever-evolving business needs.

2. Tailored Concierge-Level Service

When choosing to work closely with an Independent Dealer, you’re choosing a unique experience that is customer-oriented from start to finish.

While most manufacturers only care about the purchase and delivery of your print equipment, an Independent Dealer will assist you in choosing the right equipment, accessories, and plan for you. 

An Independent Dealer will consider it their job to inform you of your leasing or purchasing printing equipment, acquiring a certified pre-owned printer for your business, and even how to use the equipment to optimize your workflow. 

Think of it this way. Sure, you may only care about acquiring a new production printer for your company. However, once you have purchased it, what’s next? An Independent Dealer will walk you through the entire process from end to end.

3. Knowledgeable and Direct Customer Service

From the early stages of the print solution process, an Independent Dealer will assign your company an account manager to handle every aspect of providing a print solution for your business. 

It can be easy to get confused when there are various phone numbers and email addresses to keep track of vendors, manufacturer brands, and help desk support specialists.

Having one person assigned to refer to for your print solution, along with any questions and concerns you may have, makes for one smooth and easy process.

Most manufacturers do not have their own internal customer service team or help desk support team and instead hire a third-party organization to handle customer’s queries.

4. Reliable Remote and Onsite Support

One of the main perks of working with an Independent Dealer for your printing needs is the reliable remote or on-site service. 

Remote and reliable on-site service is vital in ensuring that the product you leased or purchased has been running smoothly and providing you with optimal results. 

An Independent Dealer has fully trained technicians that are trained by the manufacturers of the devices they sell. By remoting onto your desktop, a phone call, or a planned on-site visit, an Independent Dealer will work to solve any printing issue that arises. 

5. All-In-One Service

Finally, an Independent Dealer does not just offer products. An Independent Dealer prides itself on being able to provide a variety of technical solutions.

From providing helpdesk support, multifunction devices, production printers, video conferencing products and services, document management solutions, managed print services, managed IT services, and more, an Independent Dealer can do more than just set up your multifunction device or production printer.

Similar to having one person handle your print solution from end-to-end, an Independent Dealer can help ensure that your other technical needs are met as well.


Is Choosing An Independent Dealer Right For Your Printing Needs?

While both an Independent Provider and a manufacturer can sell you your printer of choice, an Independent Provider tends to help you with the total solution. In contrast, a manufacturer mainly focuses on only a few components.

The first step to deciding whether an Independent Provider or a manufacturer is suitable in helping you with your printing needs is to assess your current print infrastructure.

By analyzing your print needs, current print usage, and printing goals, it will be easier to pinpoint what printing equipment your business may need.

Here at LDI – we know how important it is to make an informed decision regarding a product you will use to carry out a key component of your business. Our LDI Print Production Workflow Solutions Team provides customized print solutions designed for high-volume and high-quality production printing, while our Managed Print Services Division offers guidance on a wide range of multifunction devices.

Contact LDI and schedule a one-on-one consultation with an LDI representative today!


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