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By: LDI Connect on July 31, 2020

The Necessity of Mobile Device Security

Cyber Security

Technology is evolving, and the everyday interactions we have utilizing our mobile devices has become an easy target for hackers. Cyber attacks are no longer isolated to breaches in organizations, and your mobile device should be secured and ready to protect your valuable information. Hackers are capitalizing on your personal devices, such as cell phones and tablets, because they are non-traditional forms of access to your personal data and network. They are relying on your negligence around cyber security protection on these mobile devices, which is why you need peace of mind to know that your information is safe.

Considering the growth in transitioning between your home and office during the ongoing pandemic, it’s no secret that individuals and organizations are choosing to shift some work information, such as corporate files, onto personal cell phones. This strategy is more convenient for most, and allows for efficient connection no matter your location. Unfortunately, this means that without proper security your information can be breached through data leakage, spyware, suspicious mobile apps, unsecured wifi and more.

LDI offers effective mobile device security that covers your system software with managed IT services to ensure your information is protected on a continuous basis. It is also important to remain educated on the different ways hackers can access data within your network. This includes but is not limited to avoiding public wifi, researching apps before downloads, and being cautious of opening suspicious emails.

Don’t remain vulnerable to cyber attacks within your personal devices. The intrusion and uncertainty that comes from a breach is unsettling, and can be avoided. LDI recognizes the importance of privacy and protection that every individual and organization deserves. We know that mobile device breaches are recent developments, and a result of advancing technology. That’s why we are taking a pre-emptive approach to protect your valuable information utilizing the best of breed software installation and ongoing IT support.


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