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By: LDI Connect on October 15, 2020

Our Top 3 Most-Asked Questions About UCaaS


Since we’ve started selling Unified Communications as a Service (also known as UCaaS), we’ve noticed some recurring questions. It’s easy to type “What is UCaaS” into a search engine and come up with a definition but we wanted to go a bit deeper than that, especially as the digital age of technology is upon us and has transcended its experimental stage. An ever-expanding economy must evolve with technology, and the question remains – is your business prepared to stay ahead? The answer lies in UCaaS solutions.

In case you didn’t know, UCaaS is a communication service utilizing multiple streams of connection to simplify your businesses’ sharing platform. This system connects your emails, file sharing, voicemails, calls, texts, and video chats in one easily accessible interface. It operates as a cloud-based solution for telephony enterprises, allowing for sales to prosper in the digital age. This technology gives businesses greater access to innovative technology solutions – in fact, it is predicted that by 2025, the AI (artificial intelligence) market will surpass $100 billion.

UCaaS continues to grow as technology advances with a market growth rate of 25% year after year, so let’s dive into these solutions by breaking down the system based on our 3 most asked questions.

  1. Why is UCaaS essential?
    UCaaS is the future of business communications, allowing for easy collaboration between not only your employees but your clients placing all of your phone calls, emails, voice memos, etc., in one easily accessible location. The user can set up controls to administer their messages, among multiple platforms, in order of importance making sure that you never miss a moment.
  2. What are the collaboration features?
    Communication between coworkers who need to operate from different locations at practically anytime is important. Productivity can actually increase as a result of remote and/or hybrid workplaces if the proper technology is provided. Unified streams of messaging can be accessed through protected web portals, desktop & mobile apps, and email server to connect you quickly without hassle. Audio transcription features ensure that you can stay up to date with voicemails quickly and can record your video conference calls for future needs. The multimedia communication tools translate messages among all contact platforms into one location. And you get them all with UCaaS!
  3. Will UCaaS work with my current system?
    UCaaS works with almost all mobile and PC devices on your current network. On the slight chance that UCaaS does not operate on your existing network, LDI will enhance your network services to improve connectivity. As a cloud-based solution, UCaaS can operate from any location and any number of users can work off this system. UCaas integrates with a variety of solutions, like Teams, with ease.

Interested in learning how UCaaS can benefit your organization? Get in contact with us today – we can answer all your questions and more! 

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