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By: LDI Connect on June 25, 2020

Screen the Health of Your Employees with Zero Touch Technology


As institutions from corporations to universities across the US begin to open up, measures must be taken to protect employees from the spread of COVID-19. There are no certainties when it comes to this contagious disease, but taking the initiative to practice preventative strategies with zero touch deployment goes hand-in-hand with the return to normalcy. 


There are a multitude of symptoms related to the virus, but a spike in temperature is a tall-tale sign that an individual may be carrying COVID-19. Advancements in technology have made it easy for organizations to quickly scan the temperatures of their employees and guests before entering facilities to ensure overall safety.


These temperature screening kiosks are contactless, and take only seconds. The process is done by quickly reading skin temperature through thermal video and infrared sensors. Kiosks are equipped with facial recognition to detect individuals foreheads for proper temperature detection within .5F. Once an individual’s temperature is gathered, feedback can be provided to the user and administrator by alerts by email or text. This technology allows organizations of any kind to conduct proper screenings without the hassle of manual temperature readings that would require disinfection after each test. 


It’s no secret that companies who uphold social responsibility and practice precautions related to COVID will be more successful than their competitors. People want to know that they are being protected & valued in their own workplace, and acting as customers at any variety of establishments. The ease of knowing that your employees are healthy with contactless testing is the safest way to provide assurance. LDI is committed to providing your organization with cutting edge technology that provides safety and connectivity during the pandemic and transitioning into the “new normal”. Let’s work together to keep ourselves and others healthy in an efficient manner.


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