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By: Angela Cook on December 24, 2020

How Much Does a Temperature Kiosk Cost? (Benefits & Features)

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As businesses begin to reopen, everyone wants to ensure the safety of their employees and customers. Temperature kiosks have been a popular solution for organizations and offices, as they implement them into their buildings in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. But how much do they cost and what are the benefits? It can be hard to get an upfront answer.

LDI has been connecting clients with the latest advancements in technology for over 20 years, and we understand the reservations that come with these investments. It truly comes down to necessity, and we believe that in this day in age, temperature detection technology is essential for businesses of all types. 


Benefits of a Temperature Kiosk

A spike in temperature is one of the most prominent symptoms of COVID-19, and as a result, many businesses across the United States have begun taking individual’s temperatures as they enter buildings and/or establishments. 

A kiosk is a great way to automate this process and social distance at the same time. Instead of putting personnel at risk by coming into close contact with others to take their temperature, a kiosk can be mounted onto an existing surface, a select desk stand, wall mount or even come with its own freestanding floor stand.

Further, the kiosk can be equipped with networked deployment, so a designated administrator can monitor logs and a facial database from a central backend on your secure network. This enables reports to be pulled based on areas and further lets you monitor, configure and control your devices from one central PC.  


How Do You Know It’s Working?

Let’s break it down and talk about what exactly these temperature screening kiosks do. They are contactless and take only seconds to work. They quickly read body temperature through thermal video and infrared technology sensors. This is typically done by scanning the forehead to provide a reading.

Temperature kiosks are equipped with facial recognition to detect individuals foreheads for proper temperature detection within .5ºF. The FDA recommends the following environment:

  • Use in a draft-free space and out of direct sun or near radiant heat sources.
  • Typically, the environmental temperature should be between 60.8-104ºF (16-40 ºC) and relative humidity below 85 percent.

It is important to note that infrared readings only measure the surface temperature, so readings may be slightly lower than expected for standard normal body temperature. Surface temperature readings often vary from actual body temperature by as much as 1-2 degrees.

However, once an individual’s temperature is gathered, this feedback is provided to the user on screen, alongside optional verbal message and LED traffic light system, as well as the designated administrator by alerts by email or text. 

Overall, this allows organizations of any kind to conduct proper screenings without the hassle of manual temperature readings that would require disinfection after each test.


Temperature Kiosk Capabilities

Now that you know how it works, let’s get into some of the main features of a temperature kiosk!

Accurate Temperature Detection

The top of the range temperature sensors enable kiosks to read temperatures in ~1 second. There is a marginal measurement error of ±0.20.2°C from close range, and ±0.50.5°C/ ±0.90.9°F from further away.

The recommended distance for the most accurate readings is 1.5 feet, with approximately 3 feet being the furthest distance where temperature can be read. Further, the temperature threshold for abnormal temperatures is easily adapted in the application settings.

Smart Facial Recognition

Each kiosk comes with an Industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera, night infrared and LED dual photoflood lamp. In addition, the facial recognition speed of each kiosk is ~1 second.

The temperature kiosk’s database capacity is made for up to 30,000 faces and also supports recognition and comparison of faces with and without masks. It’s even possible to enable settings to require a mask for entry and to enable voice recognition for each kiosk.

Durable, Commercial-Grade Hardware

If you’re going to invest in a temperature kiosk, you want to make sure it will last. Temperature kiosks have an 8-inch IPS full full-view LCD display and are designed with commercial-grade hardware. They are designed to be waterproof and dust-proof for durability and reliance, whether they are stationed indoors or outdoors.  

Temperature kiosks also come with built-in speakers to provide audio alerts including warnings for abnormal temperatures and to request that users wear a mask.

They can also further be customized to support various peripheral expansions such as ID card reader, fingerprint reader, two two-dimensional code reader and more.


Temperature Kiosk Limitations

It is important to note that temperature kiosks cannot guarantee the spread of COVID-19. Temperature kiosks are not to be used in the replacement of medical devices. Statements regarding temperature kiosks have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

However, it is also important to recognize the significance of temperature taking to identify COVID-19. More than 83% of individuals who tested positive for the virus have experienced a fever. These devices are meant to protect your business, on the whole.


How Much Can I Expect to Pay for a Temperature Kiosk?

As with most things, the cost for a kiosk varies. However, the price range for a touchless temperature kiosk typically ranges in price from $3,500 to $4,500, with the average cost being $3,500.

If that range seems high, consider that these prices are usually dependent on the capabilities of the technology, as well as software features. Other factors that influence the cost of these kiosks are installation and warranty. While it may seem like a hindrance, no organization would want to just buy a kiosk and not have it function properly.  

Non-contact kiosks automatically read body temperature in seconds, with optional facial recognition. These kiosks are designed to prevent virus spread and provide a safe environment for your employees, customers and visitors.


Keep Your Customers Safe with Temperature Kiosks

Adapting to the changing global environment as a result of COVID-19 should not impact your business or the safety of your employees. It’s important to practice CDC recommended preventative strategies in order to protect our health and those around us. 

It’s no secret that companies who uphold social responsibility and practice precautions related to COVID will be more successful than their competitors. People want to know that they are being protected & valued in their own workplace, and acting as customers at any variety of establishments. Temperature kiosks are not only useful in a practical sense, but they also provide peace of mind to those entering your establishment.

LDI offers temperature kiosks from the best of breed manufacturers such as Microsoft and Lamasa Tech. In addition to all temperature kiosk capabilities, we also offer a one-year annual maintenance contract that includes a warranty to ensure your kiosk works properly and serves its function. Let’s work together to keep ourselves and others healthy in an efficient manner to prevent the spread of germs.

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