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By: Angela Cook on August 16, 2021

4 Benefits Of Using Inline Print Finishing For Business

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Is your company spending a lot of time, effort, and money outsourcing print jobs to a commercial printer and finding job turnaround times less than ideal? While printing in-house with inline finishing may seem daunting at first, it can serve as an “all-in-one” solution for high-quality and high-quantity without the hassle of depending on a third party.

At LDI, our Print Production Workflow Solutions Team works with clients to identify what they plan on printing within their print environment so that we can help them achieve their needs in-house. We ensure that our customers are well equipped with the suitable inline finishing equipment their organization needs to curate the print jobs they desire successfully.

This article will include a summary of four key benefits of using inline finishing. By the end of this article, you will better understand how using inline finishing can benefit your business and printed output.


What Are 4 Key Benefits Of Using Inline Print Finishing?

Finishing is often overlooked and seen as an afterthought in the production printing process. In fact, finishing is a vital stage within production and an optimal solution to differentiating printed products while adding value.

Having finishing options attached to your production printer can enable your business to run a complete job from start to finish without any manual interruptions or steps. With inline finishing, your digital press and inline finishing equipment are connected and accessed through front-end management controls.

A digital press with inline finishing capability is an efficient choice for businesses looking for high speed and efficiency to complete a given project. Using inline finishing can be beneficial to your business in more ways than one.

Let’s explore four significant benefits of using inline finishing for your business.

1. Reduce Labor Costs

Inline finishing allows your business to increase its profit margins on print jobs while reducing labor costs. How?

Seeing as labor is a large portion of the economics of print today, it’s essential to keep in mind when considering inline print finishing.

An offline or nearline finishing solution often requires a separate team of people for operation. Inline finishing requires no additional labor, ensuring that the device is running at optimal efficiency.

Inline print finishing usually integrates labor-intensive post-processing elements such as binding, trimming, and folding simultaneously as printing. The inline print finishing process takes away the need to pay for labor costs to complete a project.

2. Saves Time With An Automated Process

Digital presses with inline finishing offer fast turnaround times and a wide variety of options that help maximize a user’s workflow processes from job submission to finishing.

Think about the time and money your company can save in automating your printing process by integrating an inline finishing solution with your digital press. Instead of relying on a third party to complete the final bindery steps; printing and completing a job with an inline finisher serves as an “all-in-one” option for automating the process altogether.

For example, let’s say your marketing team needs to produce a few hundred customized catalogs and brochures for your top customers for a product launch.

With an in-house and inline solution, your team can design the booklets, utilize variable data to customize and send the booklet job to your production printer, and retrieve a professional booklet at the other end of the device without needing to outsource finishing services to a commercial printer or third party.

Inline finishing provides a seamless workflow in completing a project and producing high-quality output in no time.

3. Offers Creative & High-Quality Solutions 

Inline finishing provides users with the ability to connect with their customers in a variety of creative ways.

With inline finishing, you’re given the creative freedom to create a wide range of products in multiple formats such as stitched booklets, perfect bound books, and spiral or wire bound presentations to name a few.

It gives you endless possibilities and the flexibility to customize your print job’s size, shape, printing, and personalization.

In addition, the quality and manufacturing efficiency improves because you can immediately see whether the end-product aligns with your customer’s request or not. When all steps are carried out by one digital press, the job will likely be done correctly and changes to the final desired product are handled easily.

4. Increases The Integrity & Confidentiality Of Your Print Jobs

By printing and finishing in-house, your company will have complete control of the quality of your print job and the security of the information being printed.

Completing a print job from start to finish in-house can help ensure that only authorized personnel retrieves the confidential printed product.

For example, suppose your company needs to print a high-security operation manual. In that case, the fewest amount of touches it takes to print and finish that operation manual, the better.

When printed sheets are moved from device to device, pages can go missing or get out of order. Inline print finishing supports a more straightforward process of tracking the product from inception to completion.


Is Inline Print Finishing Right For Your Business?

Inline print finishing may greatly appeal to your company if you want to save office space by adding inline finishing to your production printer rather than acquiring separate finishing hardware. It is also a great choice if you look to control the quality of printed products and save on labor costs.

The LDI Print Production Workflow Solutions Team recommends inline finishing to customers looking to optimize their production print setup and churn out high-quality output.

Contact an LDI representative today to learn more about inline finishing solutions.


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