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By: Angela Cook on April 16, 2021

5 Tips To Choose The Right Managed IT Provider For Your Company

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Once you have decided to outsource a Managed IT Provider, then comes the selection process. Selecting the right Managed IT Provider for your company can be challenging when the interview process doesn’t take place in person but only through a simple phone call or virtual meeting. 

The trick is to keep your values and needs as a business at the forefront when vetting a potential Managed IT Provider. Understanding what questions to ask and key talking points to mention is imperative in selecting a Managed IT Provider that most aligns with your company’s goals and requirements.

As a services provider, LDI Connect understands how important it is for a company to have reliable IT services. For over ten years, LDI Connect has provided Managed IT services to clients who want to stay prepared should a data breach ever occur and clients looking to solve IT-related issues. No matter the reason, having a dependable Managed IT Provider is a necessity.

In this article, we will prepare you for having a productive conversation with a Managed IT Provider. We will cover five essential tips to keep in mind when your company is deciding which Managed IT Provider to choose. After reading this article, you will feel better prepared to have a conversation that ensures your IT needs are met.


What Are 5 Tips To Consider When Selecting A Managed IT Provider For Your Company?


Depending on whether you were recommended a Managed IT Provider or have done your due diligence in creating a list of three to five that you want to contact, what’s next?

Let’s dive into five essential tips that will prepare you for choosing the right Managed IT Provider for your company’s needs and goals.

1. Make Sure That They Understand Your Business

Ensuring that your Managed IT Provider understands what your business is and does is imperative.

For an MSP to effectively help your company, they need to understand the hardware and software you work with. An MSP also needs to grasp your company’s industry demands at a technical level and what products and services you provide to clients. 

Depending on your company’s particular IT needs, an MSP should understand your organization’s needs and industry needs to develop effective strategies moving forward. 

2. Find An MSP That Cares And Takes A Proactive Approach

A good way of gauging if a Managed IT Provider provides good  IT support is to ask them questions that showcase how they’ve helped their clients solve IT issues in the past.

Another good way of telling whether an MSP is right for your company is to role play and have them walk you through their talk track and process in remedying the issue at hand.

An MSP that is not proactive in helping you solve an IT issue nor stay prepared for cybersecurity threats is not the kind of managed IT services your company deserves.

Ensuring that your Managed IT Provider takes the time to understand your business, has an empathetic approach to any security concerns you may have, and listens to your IT problems is paramount.

3. Look For An Experienced MSP That Can Managed Remote, Hybrid, and Traditional Work Environments

Now that most companies are working remotely or in a hybrid business model, choosing a Managed IT Provider that can effectively help you via the phone or remoting onto your computer is mandatory.

A good way of checking how experienced an MSP is with different software, hardware, and remote setups; is to test drive them, helping you with an IT issue remotely. 

An MSP that can effectively remote onto your computer can do wonders in saving your employees time and confusion in figuring out the problem through audible directions alone.

Choosing an MSP that can help you with your IT needs, whether in person, on the phone, or through your computer screen, will benefit your company in the long run.

4. Seek Out A MSP That Offers More Than Just Managed IT Services 

This tip is vital in getting the most bang for your buck. While choosing a Managed IT Provider that only handles IT-related challenges and concerns is all right. 

However, choosing a Managed IT Provider that does more than just Managed IT is even better.

Your company might require reliable managed IT services, but do they also need help putting into effect an effective document management system or setting up their video conferencing room?

Consider all of your technical needs and concerns before conversing with a Managed IT Provider that only provides managed IT services. The chances are that you can find a third-party organization that will not only help you remedy your IT problems but can help your other needs as well.

5. Iron Out The Response Time In Which An MSP Will Help You Solve A Problem

Understanding what your future Managed IT Provider’s typical response time is in providing IT support is crucial. Choosing an MSP who abides by a structured protocol will mitigate any stress or confusion later on.

When considering an MSP, be sure to ask them what their response time is for issues that range from simple to severe. 

Your company can also set a precedent for what response times are acceptable and which are not.


Are You Prepared To Choose a Managed It Provider?

Now that you have read about the five tips on how to select the right Managed IT Provider for your company, you should feel more prepared to have a productive conversation with an MSP.

Before taking the plunge and hiring an MSP, ensure that your IT goals and needs are well defined. Make a list of your needs that need to be met and bring up each one in conversation. 

Choosing the right MSP for you is imperative in enhancing your overall business operations. It will also help your employees feel better if and when they run into any IT-related challenges.

LDI Connect knows how stressful it can be to choose the right Managed IT Provider for your company. In servicing several clients over the years, we understand that no IT concern is too small. We encourage you to ask us as many questions as needed to ensure that you feel secure in your decision.

We want you to make the best decision for your company and implore you to speak with an LDI Connect representative today.

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