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By: Angela Cook on September 28, 2021

How Can LDI’s Managed IT Team Support Your Existing IT Department?

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Having an internal IT department is a solid baseline for protecting and maintaining the security of your network and valuable data. Still, you might find yourself wondering if your IT department really can do it all. 

After all, IT is a big job, and who couldn’t use an extra hand? It’s fair to wonder if investing in managed IT is redundant or if your IT department already has what it takes to successfully safeguard your IT environment long-term.

LDI’s managed IT department recognizes the benefits of integrating managed IT with your existing department. We believe that it only increases the reputability and productivity of your daily IT operations as a whole.

This article will detail how LDI’s managed IT services can help support your existing IT department. After reading this article, you will have a clearer understanding of how LDI can help and enhance your company’s existing IT department.


4 Ways LDI’s Managed IT Team Can Support Your In-House IT Department

No one knows your business like your employees – and having an internal IT department in place can be essential to getting to the root of your organization’s security problems or IT issues.

Coupling managed IT services with your existing IT department allows them to focus on other important initiatives that can help drive revenue growth for your company.

A study by CompTIA found that 53 percent of organizations that use managed IT services have kept their internal IT department. 

Let’s explore four ways LDI’s managed IT team can help support your company’s existing IT department.

1. Gain A Collaborator, Not A Replacement 

The right managed IT provider will complement the work of your existing IT department. When your team steps away – for the day or for some well-deserved time off – your managed IT service provider will still be there monitoring and maintaining your IT environment.

When signing on for managed IT services, you are not just gaining a trusted advisor on all things IT. Your company is gaining a collaborator that can help optimize the management of your IT team’s workload. 

IT requirements and compliance standards are constantly changing with advancing technology. 

Bringing on a managed IT provider can give you access to the essential services you get from an MSP while also offering a new perspective for security/ infrastructure issues. 

Additionally, when a problem arises that goes beyond your team’s expertise, our managed IT team can step in and assist.

2. Receive An IT Roadmap & Strategy 

If your internal team handles the day-to-day maintenance of your IT infrastructure, who do you turn to for strategic IT consultation?

After assessing your IT environment, LDI’s managed IT team recommends IT solutions that can be followed long-term. 

Our managed IT team makes strategic IT moves that focus on tackling your high-priority IT needs before setting in place an IT roadmap that will optimize your infrastructure long-term.

We can also provide your team with the training they need so that if the issue ever arises again, your team will have the knowledge they need to troubleshoot and maintain your company’s IT better.

Your internal department may be operating at substantial levels, taking the initiative to oversee all of your digital operations – but the question remains, is that enough? 

This is why managed IT has become a popular extension for organizations across numerous industries.

3. Supplement Your Security System

While our managed IT team provides IT helpdesk support, we will also ensure that your digressions are handled using the best-of-breed security servicing systems. 

The department operates from a top-down structure with managed IT services, connecting you to expert executives like a CIO or IT directors. If needed, your request may be sent to trained specialists. This combination of support allows your business to receive the help it needs at any level of security.

LDI’s managed IT services include protective and preventive measures like conducting regular IT security risk assessments and penetration tests

We can also help you craft a cybersecurity plan so that your organization knows who to turn to for an IT issue and the IT best practices to follow. 

Your internal IT team will be able to execute this cybersecurity plan on their own or with LDI’s managed IT team.

4. Stay Up-To-Date With The Latest Technology 

While your internal IT department is focused on long-term projects and overall IT maintenance, our managed IT team can research and implement the latest technology for your business.

Having managed IT services means connecting to a team of wide-scale technology experts that stay on top of the latest emerging hardware trends and automation systems. 

With a broad knowledge of new technology and best practices, managed IT services can keep your team working with the latest technology and give greater insight into preventing future issues. 

With managed IT support, your organization will have further access to resources like cloud-based storage and an array of name-brand malware protection software. This keeps your valuable data protected and monitored under the supervision of IT professionals.  


Ready To Get Started With LDI’s Managed IT Services? 

While most managed IT service providers are happy to supplement your IT department; your current IT department might inevitably feel threatened if you look into bringing on outside help.  

As you start to search for a managed IT services provider, bring it up with your IT department early on. Give them a voice to provide input and insight into the kind of help they might need, and most importantly, your organization. 

If your organization feels that you’re up-to-date with the right security software and that your internal IT team is resolving issues at a responsive and qualitative rate, then managed IT services may not be necessary right now.

However, if you feel that your IT environment can use a lot more endpoint protection, updates, and maintenance, managed IT services may be just what your company needs.

LDI’s managed IT team works with customers to make their in-house IT department stronger. Learn more about LDI’s managed IT services by reading about our department’s five steps when onboarding new clients.


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