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By: LDI Connect on July 29, 2020

Advancements in Temperature Kiosk Technology


Here at LDI, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best manufactured hardware & software in accordance with display technology specialists. In keeping up with the unprecedented times we are living through, it is essential that we keep our communities protected. LDI has upgraded our temperature kiosk technology to offer a more diverse array of hardware that can cater to any of your organization’s health and safety needs.

What is a Temperature Kiosk?

Temperature screening kiosks are automated check-in devices that are contactless and take only seconds. These machines utilize infrared sensors and thermal video to efficiently detect an individual’s body temperature. The kiosks use facial recognition technology to find your forehead and give an accurate reading within .5F. Once an individual’s temperature is gathered, feedback can be provided to the user and administrator via text or email alert. This technology allows organizations of all kinds to conduct accurate and contactless screenings


What’s New?

These kiosks have been advancing and adapting over the course of the past few weeks, and we would like to introduce the latest capabilities. You can now:

  • Integrate the kiosk into gates, turnstiles and door accessories
  • Enable on-screen message displays with temperature readings, alongside optional verbal message and LED traffic light system
  • Set your own acceptable temperature threshold
  • Access and export your logs to Excel
  • Use as a “plug and play solution” – works standalone out of the box with only power required
  • Optional facial recognition to recognize and allow entry to vetted individuals within the facial database

Updates to these devices capitalize on efficiency and safety within your organization. For easy operation, these temperature screening kiosks can now be standing, put on the wall, set on a tripod – wherever is most convenient for your device. This is durable, commercial grade technology equipped with waterproof and dust-proof designs and an 8 inch LCD display. The built in speakers provide audio alerts, including warnings for abnormal temperatures and to request that users wear a mask.

This technology is exceptional in times like these, where one thing is for certain – a spike in temperature is a tall-tale sign of COVID-19. Kiosks operate without the need to disinfect after every screening– unlike a traditional thermometer–and prevents simply allowing individuals to enter a facility without reassurance that they are healthy. Here at LDI we pride ourselves on protecting and supporting our clients, and the community for the past twenty years. We are all in this together. Let’s stay healthy and safe for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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