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By: LDI Connect on October 2, 2020

LDI’s Guide to Shopping for Printers in 2020


The current global circumstances should not deter your business from expanding or purchasing the necessary devices required for everyday operation. Office environments in 2020 are nontraditional (to say the least) and may need some adjusting to support remote workers.

Shopping for printers and copiers should not be a stressful decision for your business. There are far more important causes to focus on, and LDI recognizes that the functionality of your business is critical at this time. Professional-grade printers provide your business with multifunction capabilities that will help improve your efficiency and productivity – however, it takes some research to find the right machine. Even now, printers and copiers remain a critical investment for the majority of businesses in acquiring new clients and day-to-day work.

Purchasing a printer in 2020 should capitalize on your businesses needs while remaining socially distant. Printers and copiers with voice recognizing capabilities are the newest advancements in hardware technology. These non-touch devices are available for your offices and can be delivered to your employee’s doorstep.

Further, an increase in remote workers means that access to office machinery that they once had may not be accessible at this time. Productivity should not falter because employees do not have the means to conduct their tasks. Luckily, printer technology has evolved to become part of the cloud. Employees are able to release tasks from their home offices to office printers to ensure minimal contact when they stop by the office on a staggered work schedule to pick documents up. Employees who are in office can release jobs from manufacturer apps on their personal phones to further minimize crowding around machines.

If you are noticing that your office printers are not getting the use you predicted due to a spike in remote workers, there are also many viable leasing options for businesses of all sizes. Low upfront costs that are associated with leasing devices will help with cutting costs and flexibility in your organization’s expenses. LDI is here to help you.

Regardless of location, your company must run business as usual – and that includes adhering to your printing needs. LDI’s array of opportunities allow your business to purchase or lease the newest advances in printing technology from the best of breed manufacturers. We will also protect you and your employees during installation to stop the spread of COVID-19. Contact us today to set you up with a cost-efficient machine that will help your day-to-day business operations.

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