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By: Angela Cook on January 7, 2022

The Top 3 Myths About Leasing A Certified Pre-Owned Copy Machine Debunked

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Is your business in the market for one or more printing devices but unsure if leasing a certified pre-owned copy machine is a good decision?

We’re here to calm your nerves and help you make the best decision for your company’s printing needs.

Before leasing anything, it’s essential to get clear about your needs and then understand the facts of acquiring a previously owned printing device.

At LDI Connect, we offer both new and certified pre-owned printers to businesses looking for print equipment.

For businesses that are particularly unsure of which to get, we perform a thorough print assessment of your infrastructure to understand better your current print costs, activity, and workflow with your print fleet. Then based on your budget, printing needs, and long-term goals, we recommend print solutions.

This article will break down three common myths about leasing a certified pre-owned printer and debunk each one. Why? Well, it’s essential to understand what leasing a certified pre-owned copy machine is if you’re thinking of leasing one.

By the end of this article, you will better understand what you’re signing up for if you choose to lease a certified pre-owned copier.

What Are 3 Common Myths About Leasing A Certified Pre-Owned Printer?

Seeing as the word “pre-owned” refers to the word “used,” more often than not, people have a negative connotation with it altogether.

That’s why we want to shed light on each myth and present you with the facts so that your business can make an educated decision to fulfill its printing needs.

Let’s dive into the three common myths associated with leasing a certified pre-owned copier.

1. You’re Leasing A Damaged Device 

The number one myth about leasing a certified pre-owned printer is that you’ll be acquiring a “lemon.”

To lease or buy a lemon means to acquire something that is broken, unusable, damaged, and worthless. While the word lemon is commonly used when leasing or buying a car. But, it can also apply to office copiers, printers, and MFPs.

However, this myth is just a myth.

When your company chooses to lease a certified pre-owned machine, you’re able to receive a demonstration of how the device runs. 

You can also receive a report that states the history of the device, including a meter report.

Businesses often lease their printing devices due to the hefty cost of buying them outright. Leasing is a flexible and affordable option that enables companies to lease a fleet of devices for a set amount of years to replace them or extend the office copier lease at the end of the contracted amount of time.

So, just because a certified pre-owned copier isn’t currently being used, it could just mean that a customer stopped leasing it because their contract was up.

2. Can’t Handle Your Company’s Print Volumes

Even though a certified pre-owned copier has been used before, it does not mean it cannot handle your print volumes.

If your business is looking to print at a high volume, regardless of whether it’s new or used, it’s more important that you choose a copier that can handle the volume. Just because a copier is used, does not mean that it won’t last long.

That’s why your business should understand which multifunctional printer for your office’s printing needs before starting the leasing process.

If your business knows what it needs and is interested in certified pre-owned equipment, a trusted dealer like LDI Connect will help you source the right equipment without sacrificing quality or reliability.

You don’t need to settle or walk away with a device that doesn’t fulfill your business’s printing requirements.

3. There’s No Guarantee  

This is false. 

Your business will get the same guarantee for a refurbished machine as it would if you were to lease a brand new device. What does “receiving the same guarantee” mean for your business?

We mean that whatever details are incorporated in the contract your business agrees to is guaranteed. 

Your service agreement should detail the responsive remote and onsite help desk support with your lease or purchase. It will also describe critical information about the machine itself. 

If for any reason, the certified pre-owned happens to malfunction, the agreement will specify who is liable for what.

Regardless of the device’s use, you as the customer will get the same level of treatment from the provider or independent copier dealer you choose to work with. 

Your business must ensure that everything is spoken about with the independent copier dealer you’re working with is detailed in the lease contract.

Ready To Lease A Certified Pre-Owned Copier? 

Leasing certified pre-owned or new copiers comes down to your motives for leasing in the first place.

Suppose your business abides by a remote or hybrid work model. In this case, you may not want to invest in new expensive printing devices. Leasing certified pre-owned devices are an affordable option. And they can still fulfill your company’s printing needs when in the office.

However, if you prefer brand new devices and are not opposed to paying a higher price for the newer print equipment, leasing a new copier may be the better option.

At LDI Connect, we help advise our customers on the best printing solution for their current and long-term printing needs.

Reach out to an LDI Connect representative today to learn more about the options you have for leasing print equipment.


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