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By: Leslie Grassmyer on July 28, 2021

Forms Automation Software: 3 Benefits That Can Help Your Business

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As the business world continues to grow and evolve rapidly, it is easy to feel like you are falling behind. Considering various ways to stay current and up-to-date is critical if your company desires to remain competitive. 

You probably don’t want to go bankrupt overhauling your business technology every couple of years nor purchasing all brand-new technology and software. The trick is learning which business technology to invest in that can grow with your company over time while providing regular updates to keep up with the latest business changes. This is where forms automation software comes in.

As a managed services provider, LDI recommends various automated workflow solutions to help clients keep up with today’s technology while optimizing their document workflow and output. We partner with Vasion to help customers integrate content management solutions such as forms automation software to help optimize their document workflow and output.

This article will provide an in-depth view of three key benefits one can experience when utilizing forms automation software. By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of what forms of automation are and if it’s right for your business.

What Is Forms Automation Software?

Forms automation software is a cloud-based platform with data entry automation tools to help users create, access, and manage all forms and documents securely. It can essentially help turn an idea into a seamless workflow in no time.

Additionally, forms automation software ensures that the information sent to your company does not get lost. How? Well, the forms get delivered instantly, captured in a cloud-based repository, and sent to the right designated person or department every time they are retrieved from another party.

Forms automation software enables your business to control the way information is requested and collected while saving your company time and effort.

Some digital forms are satisfaction surveys, membership forms, evaluation feedback, or quality business reviews. Digital forms can also be used internally for expense claims and holiday requests to your HR department.


3 Key Benefits Of Using Forms Automation Software For Your Business

Forms automation software serves as an effective solution for companies looking to optimize their workflow and keep their employees productive. 

Below are three significant benefits that come from switching to online forms automation. 

1. Mitigates Risk 

Forms automation is a digital solution that can help your company mitigate different types of risks. Paper forms and forms that you store on your hard drive can get lost or damaged in case of a disaster. 

For instance, what happens if an office computer gets stolen or if a fire or flood damages your building? All of your data will be permanently lost or destroyed. You may have to start from scratch due to or scramble to lock down your information due to regulatory compliance laws. 

Digital online forms can help minimize risk. Since you store these forms online instead of in the office, you can rest assured that they won’t get damaged in case of theft or a natural disaster. You can still access your information at any time from any device, as long as you have an internet connection. 

Physical files can be easily forgotten, dropped, or misplaced. With the right forms automation platform, you can control document access and ultimately prevent unauthorized access. Not only can you decide who gets access to each form and who doesn’t, but you can also see who has viewed or changed a particular form.

2. Saves Time 

Whether it’s in your office or on your hard drive, locating an important form can take a surprisingly long time. In addition, when you need to update the data within that said form, that can bring even more time out of your schedule.

Online forms can help you reduce the amount of time wasted on retrieving a saved form to your desktop because it is held centrally on a server. As a result, you’ll be able to identify precisely where your data is whenever you need it. 

Better access to information means better work. There are fewer delays in accessing forms or documents through forms automation software due to not needing to wait until someone reviews or assesses them. Instead, you can make your anecdotal and numbers-based information available quickly, and you can use that information right away. 

You can ensure that you and your team have only the most up-to-date information at your fingertips, thanks to your forms automation platform. When you work from this platform, you can avoid mistakes and miscommunication. Not only can you work more quickly, but you can also work more effectively overall. 

Thanks to instantly using your forms automation software, you can save a lot of time. Your time is valuable, and the cost of wasted time can add up fast.

For example, many business owners are surprised to see just how much time they save every week once they switch to digital forms automation. That’s because people don’t always realize how much time they waste on paper documents. It’s only a few moments at a time, but those moments can add up to several hours throughout the week. 

In contrast, a forms automation platform can track forms electronically. Any employee or end client who needs to use, track, and keep up with those forms will have a lighter load and start focusing on other pressing initiatives. 

Employees who use their time on more worthwhile tasks can maximize their productivity and reduce the need for their company to pay for more of their time. As a result, saved time essentially means money saved. 

3. Saves Money 

Once the proper online forms automation program has been selected, cost-saving can begin. 

There is a considerable need to print, collect, review, and file those said forms when dealing with paper forms. Your employees’ time to manage physical forms could be better dedicated elsewhere, increasing productivity and reducing the need for extra employees, extra hours, or other additional expenses. 

Furthermore, your cloud-based software usage can save you money because the software can bundle all of your needs into one low monthly cost. 

Instead of buying multiple software for multiple computers, you can have your team members access the same software from any of their devices.

Ready To Use Forms Automation Software?

Suppose your business requires a seamless automated workflow where you can access, retrieve, and send out necessary forms and documents. In that case, forms automation software is for you.

However, if your business does not require an optimized process due to not dealing with a lot of forms and documents, then sticking to what’s working for you currently is fine too.

Now that you have read about the three benefits of forms automation software let the LDI team help you get started. LDI offers content management software solutions for business owners who want to save time and money. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more. We are happy to answer your questions and show you how online forms automation can help you increase business effectiveness. You can schedule your demo by leaving a comment below.

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