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By: Angela Cook on August 20, 2021

3 Ways UniFLOW’s Integration With Microsoft Teams Can Help Your Business

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Several organizations use Microsoft Teams as a platform for day-to-day communication and collaboration purposes. However, what if Microsoft Teams could go beyond that and work as a more helpful tool to your company’s business operations? Well, with uniFLOW Online’s new integration with Microsoft Teams, this collaboration tool can now help optimize your company’s document workflow and output as well.

As a long-standing Microsoft and uniFLOW partner, LDI Connect has worked with several clients in helping them implement both Microsoft 365 and uniFLOW to help optimize workflow. 

We understand how difficult it can be to grasp what both of these platforms are fully capable of. That’s why we take our time in walking the customer through each platform, installing it properly, and testing it to ensure that it’s running well on your devices.

Within this article, we will break down what uniFLOW’s integration with Microsoft Teams means and the three ways that this integration can impact your business in a positive way. After reading this article, you will have an understanding of how this integration can benefit your overall business operations.


What Does uniFLOW’s Integration With Microsoft Teams Mean? 

As a secure cloud-based printing solution, Canon’s uniFLOW Online has recently released their 2021.2 version which offers a brand new user experience with the ability to connect to Microsoft Teams. 

To be clear, uniFLOW Online’s latest version can be accessed and utilized only through the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE, the imageRUNNER, i-SENSYS, and imageCLASS devices. In addition, this integration requires you to have a Microsoft Teams account to access the compatible Canon multifunction printers.


What Are 3 Ways This Integration Can Help Your Business? 

UniFLOW’s new integration with Microsoft Teams not only increases office productivity but offers users the ability to print, scan, share, and personalize documents directly through Teams.

Let’s look at three significant ways this integration can help your business. 

1. Print Directly From Microsoft Teams 

One great benefit of uniFLOW Online’s integration with Microsoft Teams is the convenience of now being able to select print from your Microsoft Teams account.

For example, let’s say your coworker shares an important PowerPoint presentation via Teams. This PowerPoint presentation is to be showcased later that day but your coworker just wants to give it one last review before the big meeting. You can choose to download the document directly from Teams and then print it out, or you can print it directly from the Teams application itself.

The process of fact-checking your coworker’s presentation becomes that much easier. It will have you reviewing the document and sending it back to them with your edits in no time. 

Files can be accessed and saved to a specific Team or channel and once selected is available for printing.

2. Efficiently Scan Documents To Microsoft Teams

With this integration, users can easily share documents with colleagues and clients alike to Microsoft Teams. 

Instead of scanning a document via your multifunction device to a folder within OneDrive or your desktop, you can scan it directly to your Microsoft Teams application for maximum convenience.

Seeing as users can directly access their Teams account via the printing device’s user interface; the process becomes more user-friendly.

Much like the printing process stated above, a user can then share or save the scanned document to a particular Team or within Microsoft teams.

3. Personalize A Scanned Document 

This integration also enables users to add a special touch to the documents they scan and share with others. Users can now easily scan a document to a particular team or channel and add a subject and personalized message that will be posted along with the scanned document.

While this isn’t absolutely necessary, users may find that it helps keep track of documents seeing as the subject or message acts as a label for the contents of the document.

Seeing as physical and even digital documents can get lost when not labeled properly, this added step can prove useful for employees looking to keep organized.

Want To Learn More About How uniFLOW & Microsoft Teams  Can Help Your Business?

Both uniFLOW and Microsoft Teams are excellent tools to streamline your company’s business operations, improve document workflow, and increase productivity.

While not everyone is a Microsoft 365 or uniFLOW user, it’s helpful to keep in mind the benefits that new business technology can offer your company.

LDI Connect works with prospects and customers alike to understand their current print and cloud environment to then properly assess which changes can be made.

To learn more about different Microsoft Teams offerings and print management solutions, be sure to read the two articles below.

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