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By: Angela Cook on May 10, 2021

The 4 Benefits of In-House Production Printing

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No matter your printing needs, outsourcing your printing services is not always the best decision. Outsourcing can be costly and does not give you control over the quality of the print jobs, the brand and messaging, nor the delivery timelines.

Many companies choose to outsource due to their own personal print requirements and the perception of how difficult it is to print in-house.

LDI educates clients on various production print devices and software that they can use on their own. For over twenty years, LDI has helped customers and prospects with their specific in-house printing needs and goals. LDI provides the tools, knowledge, and support needed to execute print jobs in-house.

This article will define what a production printer is and the four benefits of in-house production printing. This article can help you decide whether in-house production printing is the right choice for your company.

What Is A Production Printer?

A production printer is a high-efficient printer used for printing high-quality materials. Companies can use production printers to print collateral effectively whilst communicating their message with quality.

While production printers can in fact print large volumes of paper at a high-rated speed, that isn’t solely what production printing is about.

Production printing can optimize your print strategy and allow you to target a particular audience. With production printing, you can share relevant information without sacrificing your company’s integrity.

What Are The 4 Benefits Of Production Printing In-House?

In-house production printing is ideal if your company needs to print high-quality materials consistently.

In-house production printing may be daunting at first. Yet, investing in your own printing equipment and software will enable your company to manage its printing needs directly. This gives your company authoritative control over the design, schedule, costs, security, and more.

If printing is an essential function of your business, then in-house production printing may be the practical option for you. 

Let’s cover the four key benefits of bringing your production printing in-house.



Printing confidential information when outsourcing can be tricky. If your company ever needs to print sensitive information such as invoices, legal documents, or HR-related documents, sending that information to a third-party vendor could put your company at risk.

Sending files over to a third-party vendor can be stored and can lead to your information being stolen or even passed on insecurely.

With data breaches becoming more and more frequent, controlling access to your printed information can protect your business operations and will keep your information from getting into the wrong hands.

Options such as Key Card Printing or Access Code Printing will help mitigate any security risks and can help maintain liabilities. By employees having their own key card or access code, a print job will not be able to print without an employee’s confirmation.

2. Flexibility & Convenience

Having control over your printed material is a huge perk.

Your company will no longer be at the mercy of any third-party vendor when choosing to bring your production printing in-house. With In-house printing at your disposal, your company will be able to set its own pace and parameters.

In-house production printing is convenient and can help to ensure that each result is to your liking. Having the flexibility to control your production printing needs takes the stress out of a third-party vendor controlling the outcome.

3. Cost Saving & ROI

While outsourcing involves renting time on production printers, in-house production printers will involve leasing or owning from an independent dealer or manufacturer.

Deciding whether to bring your production printing in-house depends on what materials are being printed and the volume of print jobs. Understanding these two elements about your company can help you assess whether having the equipment on hand is worth the upfront costs and subscription plan of leasing or owning your own production printing device.

The amount spent for outsourced printing services versus the lease or ownership of in-house production printing may be greater.

In-house production printing can offer insight into your weekly printing volume. This insight will include the daily, weekly, and monthly execution of print jobs; the amount and type of toner your print jobs require, and the type of material the print job will be printed on.

Having access to your own printing equipment and software can help you control each print job and factor in the costs that help deliver the product you wish to deliver consistently.

4. Digital Printing On-Demand (POD)

Printing On-Demand or POD is the process of printing books, magazines, manuals, brochures, or other products with little to no downtime. By leveraging your digital printing in a timely, effective manner, fulfilling your business’s media print needs is made simple.

On-demand printing enables you to design, print, and ship internally.

On-demand print in-house can offer creative freedom to create the interior and exterior of products with a click of a button. Selecting your print job the way you want it and selecting print to execute your print job can take minutes to complete.


Is In-House Production Printing Right For You? 

While outsourcing may appear easy and effective, in-house production printing offers long-term solutions. In-house production printing is a secure option that is cost-effective, convenient, and timely.

LDI understands how overwhelming it can be to choose whether to print in-house or outsource. LDI’s Print Production Workflow Solutions Team will assess your current print infrastructure and then evaluate your exact printing needs.

Our production print specialists will then help you select the right device and software for your printing needs. LDI then teaches you how to use the equipment and software to get the most out of your purchase.

Reach out to an LDI representative today and schedule a consultation. We can help answer any production print-related questions or concerns you may have.



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