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By: LDI Connect on July 14, 2020

LDI is All In & Here to Help


We recognize how stressful it may be to operate your business during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially as some corporations are adapting to a hybrid workplace environment with employees transitioning back to offices while some remain remote. Regardless of your situation, the LDI All In solution is here to alleviate your copier & printer needs, from your financial to administrative concerns. 

Our All In Services will support your company, utilizing money saving tactics and salvaging your valuable time. LDI All In is a program that incorporates one flat monthly fee for all of your print needs. This service helps budget your corporate expenses, as opposed to estimating how much it may cost per month or quarter. The program includes one fixed cost, with zero overage charges, no matter the volume of prints your company may make over the course of a month.

LDI All In is advantageous for any company looking for financial flexibility during their transition back to offices or even for employees remaining remote. There are two sub-programs within LDI All In that are designed for any business model, given the current economic climate.

We recognize that many companies may not have all of their employees return to offices right away, with the transition being slow and at minimal capacity. Transitioning back to work is stressful enough without having to worry about your office printing solutions. LDI All In’s newest promotion, “Back to Work”, includes a 50% discount off your bill for the first 6 months of being back in office. We understand the struggles of operating an organization during the COVID-19 pandemic, and are here to support your business, all while catering to the safety of your employees.

LDI All In is offering our services to your corporation with a “Work from Home” option as well. The same benefits, including unlimited prints with no annual increases or overages, with one fixed monthly cost applies for your employees home printers. The return to work may not be necessary for some individuals or organizations at this time, but the same opportunity to budget will be readily available through LDI All In.

If you would like to minimize your company’s monthly print expenses utilizing accurate cost evaluations per your organization’s needs, LDI All In is the program for you. As one of the largest regional providers of multifunctional copiers and printers, we can equip your company with the best of breed, name brand technology. LDI All In is here to work with your organization, to support your financial needs all while catering to the best print and copy options for each business as you navigate your transition back to work.

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