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By: Angela Cook on August 11, 2021

What To Expect From a Quality Business Review With LDI

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How can your business tell if the services you’re receiving are working in your favor? Well, most managed service providers incorporate a quality business review executed monthly or quarterly. A quality business review can help both you as the customer and the managed services provider commend on what needs to be improved and make an itemized plan of how to get there.

As a managed services provide for over twenty years, LDI has been providing quality business reviews to our clients. We believe that quality business reviews are critical in building a trusting relationship between our customers and us.

This article will detail what a quality business review consists of and what LDI’s quality business reviews cover for our Managed Print Services and Managed IT Services. By the end of this article, you will better understand what to expect from an LDI quality business review and how it can help your business.


What Is A Quality Business Review (QBR)? 

A quality business review is a meeting that a provider conducts with their client on a monthly or quarterly basis to discuss areas of improvement, goals, and service expectations.

While quality business reviews are meant to provide insight to the client on what can be optimized, the provider can also gain insight into how to improve their services to match what the client prefers. Quality Business Reviews are strategic and provide a chance for both parties to speak openly about what changes need to be made for long-term success.

Another key element of QBRs is future planning and strategizing on ways to improve the client’s business. This helps solidify a relationship between the provider and customer and highlights what goals need to be met by the next quarter.


What Does A Quality Business Review Cover For Each Of Our Disciplines?

A quality business review aims to encourage an open dialogue with our clients about their current infrastructure and how it can improve. However, each of our services focuses on various key elements that are critical to that particular infrastructure.

LDI provides follow-up discussions and thorough reports of a client’s Managed Print or Managed IT infrastructure to help us improve our quality of service and keep focused on long-term optimization.

Let’s take a deeper look at what our Managed Print and Managed IT Services related quality business reviews will cover.

Managed Print

For our Managed Print Quality Business Review, we provide a thorough analysis of your printing devices, detailed information into the support and service you required during the last quarter, recommendations, as well as a list of long-term goals to achieve for the next quarter. 

Here’s a more in-depth view of what we review.

Analyzing Devices

An integral part of our MPS quality business review involves reviewing and analyzing your current printing devices. We review devices in your fleet to identify the old devices that need to be updated or swapped out.

We also determine the devices in your fleet that have a high toner cost. Targeting these devices and replacing them with a new device or redeploying an older printing device of yours to be used for different functionality can lead to immense cost savings. 

For example, suppose you have a high volume of small-form printer copiers. In that case, we determine if a larger printing device would better suit your print needs depending on your office space, specific print applications, and device usage.

Reviewing your printing devices against volumes will help us identify which devices need to be placed in a different area to be completing low or high-volume print jobs.

For some manufacturers, our analysis tools can provide for printer firmware version status. This allows us to determine which printers are up to date and which ones may be vulnerable to security threats.

Service Details

We discuss the number of service calls with average response time and possible fix time and uptime when discussing support and service details.

We then cover if any high-value parts were installed, including maintenance kits. Lastly, we discuss how you thought about the quality of our support during the last quarter and if there were any service issues.

Managed Print Recommendation

Depending on your particular print environment, there can be a wide range of print solutions our team can recommend to you.

Generally, suppose there are under or over-utilized MFD’s. In that case, we recommend swapping out those printers and simply refreshing your print setup with function devices. Recommendations to restore MFD’s or smaller printing devices depend on device usage and your company’s print behavior to determine the right fit for your company’s business and office space.

Once we confirm the print solutions your company would like to implement, we discuss agreement minimums or attributes based on changes in print volume or patterns.

Setting Goals For Next Quarter

Once we’ve provided our recommendations and decide on which solutions to implement, we discuss print goals to be achieved by the next quarter.

The goals may directly correspond with the agreed-upon recommendations that get covered.

However, a few examples of specific purposes may be to get all old devices out of your fleet or even leverage your printer copiers’ strength or cost structure. No matter the goals we set together, we ensure that they are attainable and cost-effective.

Managed IT

Our Managed IT QBR will review your current IT infrastructure, provide IT recommendations, and plan goals to be achieved by the next quarter.

The Managed IT QBR will summarize your current IT infrastructure through a score that evaluates how good your endpoint detection, security patches, and warranties are on both your desktops and servers.

The score will be based on a weighted average of all other scores related to key elements of your IT infrastructure.

Score Elements

These elements include server availability, server patches, desktop patches, disk utilization, desktop endpoint protection, server endpoint protection, server CPU utilization, server memory utilization, server warranty, desktop warranty, desktop disk space, and temporary desktop files.

Each of these elements determines the state of your current IT infrastructure. An LDI representative will break down each score and detail how each can affect your workflow and security posture. 

Our managed IT team can detect what is left to be optimized and achieved by the next quarter by reviewing these elements.

IT Recommendations

Once we have discussed the elements mentioned above with your company, we recommend IT solutions that can help enhance your environment.

These suggestions may include getting rid of older devices driving up costs, system upgrades, or even detailing which security patches need to be installed by the next quarter.

Review Of Service Requests & Support 

During this review, we review the total number of tickets opened and resolved; along with the response rate at which we have provided IT support.

The quality we provide our clients through servicing a ticket is of the utmost importance to our team.

Once we specify the number of resolved tickets, we encourage customers to give us feedback on the level of support and service we have provided within the last quarter. This portion of the review allows our team to know how we can best improve to meet the needs of our clients moving forward.

Goal Setting For Next Quarter

When discussing goals for the next quarter, we will aim to include a score goal for the next quarter that can be reached with the recommendations.

The Managed IT QBR will also involve checking in on any upcoming business plans your company has and what particular security risks worry you. Plans such as moving your office technology to another location are key factors that will impact your IT infrastructure and are helpful for us to be aware of.

We then prioritize those concerns and ensure that your feedback is implemented when planning for the next quarter.


4 Benefits To Consider When Variable Data Printing?

As we have highlighted above, a massive perk of quality business reviews is the goal-setting portion of the discussion.

Regardless if you are a customer of our Managed Print Services program, LDI Connect, or even LDI Elevate, we believe that following up on our services is crucial for bettering our quality of service moving forward.

In providing recommendations on meeting your particular goals, we look for ways to optimize your office environment in more ways than one.

For example, we may be working with you to optimize your current print environment. However, we realize that your company is also looking for ways to integrate the cloud into your print setup. From there, we can recommend a cloud operations solution such as uniFLOW or PaperCut or which enables you to print directly from your mobile device.

The optimization process enables us to show you how business technology can help you reach your goals


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