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By: Angela Cook on June 1, 2021

5 Advantages To Having Software Applications On Your Multifunction Printer

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Today’s multifunction printers are powerful due to their efficient operating system, computer-like functionality, and ability to run software applications. While multifunction printers can integrate with mobile devices and software applications, most companies are unaware of the wide gamut of applications that exist and the benefits they can provide.

Luckily, multifunction printers aren’t only about printing and copying documents anymore. Multifunction printers can help you capture, organize, store, scan, translate, bill back, send out documents, and more.

As a managed services provider with over twenty years of experience in managed print services, LDI has worked with various clients in assessing their current print infrastructure. After evaluating their existing infrastructure, we have recommended multifunction printers and software applications that fall in line with the client’s needs and goals about document workflow.

We know how important it is to access, retrieve, and print documents securely. We advise clients on various document management systems, software applications, and print equipment that they can use to improve their print operations.

This article will address what a multifunction printer is and five significant advantages to having software applications on your device. By the end of this article, you will better understand what can be achieved through various applications.


What Is A Multifunction Printer (MFP)? 

A multifunction printer (MFP) is an all-in-one machine that can effectively print, copy, scan or fax various forms of media. An MFP can also be referred to as a printer copier or photocopier.

Multifunction printers save space in consolidating assets and improving workflow by including functionalities into one device.

While multifunction printers are impressive on their own, applications downloaded to the printing device help end-users achieve their desired output. Some print applications include UniFLOW and PaperCut which are better known as print management software that helps monitor your print jobs easily.

Let’s take a deeper look at the advantages of having applications on your multifunction printer.

1. Secure Printing

Securing your print workflow is made easy with applications like PaperCut that provide a seamless, secure process from the very beginning of a print cycle to the end.

With a secure printing application, you can authenticate and control access before printing, secure a print release during printing, and generate a print log audit and behavior report after printing.

The print lifecycle is made that much more secure with a software application that can combine encryption, card authentication, archiving options, and more.

Print security ensures that employees safely capture, store, and print documents. Secure printing also enables the company to have access to behavioral reports that confirm when a document was accessed, edited, or printed. Secure printing allows sensitive data to be protected at all times.

2. Designating Printers For Specific Needs

Document scanning software applications effectively capture a document and upload it directly to the platform. Documents can then be saved as PDF, JPEG, and TIFF and stored in your folder of choice.

In addition, scanning a file to an online folder can help employees organize their files and keep track of documents. 

3. Providing Personalization

Software applications enable you to personalize the display of your multifunction printer and the document workflow that best suits your business operations. Various employees and teams use a multifunction printer for printing, copying, and scanning needs.  

However, depending on your company’s industry, you may require vastly different software applications than other companies. 

For example, suppose you are a legal firm. In that case, the chances are that you require a systematic and secure way of capturing, storing, billing, sending out a document. However, if you are a digital marketing company, your focus may primarily be on scanning and cloud storage capabilities.

Personalizing your MFP with valuable tools for your company’s particular needs is imperative to enhancing workflow and providing timely delivery of projects to clients.

4. Return On Investment

Investing in an MFP that provides room for new applications and even offers its own embedded software platform keeps your MFP from becoming useless.

Depending on your company’s workflow needs, applications can bring extra value to your MFP by capturing and routing documents to your computer or another application.

While software applications on an MFP might have limited functionality compared to a full-blown computer, an MFP can connect to whatever document management or application your company depends on.

5. Mobility

Mobile printing solutions enable you to print from any mobile device to any multifunction device or printer on your network. A mobile printing application offers options such as submitting a print job, setting particular finishing options, and setting a specific code for your print release.

For example, HP’s Smart application has a feature dedicated to printing anywhere by using your mobile or computing device of choice. This specific application enables you to check your printer’s status and send print jobs when you are away from your printer.

Mobile printing solutions can help your employees work in a hybrid work environment by sending documents wirelessly to your office printer.


Ready To Explore Various Applications For Your Multifunction Printer?

Multifunction printers get their name for embracing many functions while helping you accomplish your print goals along the way.

The critical part of exploring different applications for your company’s multifunction printer is to get realistic about your company’s needs regarding printing.

For example, could your company use a way of translating every document from Spanish to English in a matter of seconds? Xerox Translate and Print provides instant machine translations via your Xerox multifunction printer. By simply scanning your document and choosing one of the 44 language options, the MFP will effectively translate the document and print it out.

Once your company identifies what they need from their multifunction printer, you can assess what kind of applications can help you reach your goal.

At LDI, we work with prospects and customers to make their document workflow easier by suggesting applications that can help their process.

Whether your company needs consistent translations, a way of blacking out important information once it’s printed, or just a helpful scanning application to upload documents effortlessly into a folder, LDI closely works with you to understand what you are looking to achieve.

Set up a consultation with an LDI representative today to determine what applications can help your company best.


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