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By: Angela Cook on May 14, 2021

3 Ways Production Print Can Help Your Business Post Pandemic

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As many employees return to their offices to work, the recurring question is, “How can we improve business after the loss we just went through?” Most companies have suffered a giant plunge in business due to COVID-19. Regardless of your company’s industry, looking to stay ahead and enhance business operations is now more common than ever.

While the world of production printing may seem a bit complex, it can help elevate a company’s workflow and enhance the quality of your products. Whether your company is a marketing agency that requires daily print jobs, a small law firm that prints copious amounts of documents, or even a company that is interested in regularly printing at a large volume, production printing can optimize your overall business operations.

Here at LDI, when we work with clients to bring production printing equipment in-house we ensure they learn how to operate the production printing equipment efficiently and enhance their current print infrastructure. We understand how difficult it can be to start a new initiative or take on a new medium to improve business operations. We work closely with clients to assess what equipment they already have and optimize their office space with software and equipment that they can use for day-to-day use.

This article will cover what production printing is and three ways it can help your business after COVID-19. We will then break down where the production print industry is headed and what trends to be aware of. After reading this article, you will have a better idea of how production printing can help benefit your business after COVID-19.


What is a Production Printing?

Production Printing involves the use of color or black and white digital presses to produce high-quality printed materials. High-speed digital presses, also known as production printers can produce uncompromising images and text quality on various media and paper stocks.

Productivity is at the forefront of production printing. Production printing helps businesses optimize their workflow and keeps their print solutions versatile.


3 Ways Production Printing Can Improve Your Business Post Pandemic

With reliable and efficient production printing devices, printing is made easy.  Whether your company is interested in outsourcing print services or bringing production printing in-house, preparing for the future is necessary. 

Let’s dive into three significant ways production printing can help your business post-Covid-19.

1. Produces High-Volume & High-Quality Media 

One way to optimize your business’s workflow is to only produce the volume of printed materials that are necessary for a specific project or to custom tailor individual marketing materials without the waste of excess printed pieces.

Production printing enables your company to internally print an exponential quantity of qualitative products.

Production black-and-white or color printers can efficiently help your business print jobs that are too big for regular printers to achieve. Printing products with high image quality is an integral part of building brand recognition with consumers.

A massive perk of leasing or owning a production printer is the control your employees will have in producing products that look great. Whether you are looking to use a production printer for marketing purposes or to fulfill the needs of a customer, your company will have the flexibility to create, customize short-run jobs, or scale IP to create a large number of high-quality products.

2. Timely & Efficient  

COVID-19 has shed light on the importance of timely on-demand services. With on-demand digital printing, your print jobs will only involve a few clicks, and voila, your print job can be done within minutes. But let’s dive a little deeper. 

As the demand for goods has increased, so have the requirements that dependable print jobs are delivered on time. 

For example, outsourcing print jobs can take upwards of 24 hours to finish, but in-house print jobs can take minutes to complete. Utilizing a production printer can save your employees time and effort that can be used to work on other pressing initiatives and projects. 

Punctuality is critical in keeping business flowing. Production printing can help your company exceed your customer’s expectations with a quick turnaround rate when delivering large projects or products consistently on time.

3. Maintains Brand Consistency

The third way that production print can help your business is by helping to keep your brand clear, concise, and consistent. Ensuring that your company’s brand and messaging is consistent is essential in building recognition with your consumer.

Brand consistency through color management and qualitative production print can set you apart from your competitors. For example, ensuring that your logo or design’s colors match will keep your branding consistent no matter the paper stock you are printing on.

Consistency with your delivery of visual branding and brand elements will help you appeal to your target audience. 

With leasing and owning a production printer, your company can immerse itself in the creative process of design. With this kind of ability, the sky the limit on what can be designed or sold for your end-users. 


Where Is Production Print Headed Post Pandemic? 

Production Print, like other industries, will evolve. Production Print will continue to grow and help companies expand even after the year of universal uncertainty most businesses have gone through.

 Here are some production print trends looking to occur post-pandemic.

In-House Printing

Production Printers and finishing services are more likely to take place in-house rather than through a third-party vendor. In-house printing provides a secure option that does not include sending out sensitive data to a third-party vendor.

In-house production printing also serves to be a safer choice for companies not looking to travel or put themselves at risk. 

Continuum Of Digital Production Printing

Digital production printing continues to be a popular choice. It is a convenient and efficient way to print onto various mediums. By simply sending digital files like PDFs to a production printer, your print job can be completed with a click of a button.

Conducting digital print operations is made simple through various print applications that enable high functionality and mobility.

Sustainable Options 

As the awareness and appreciation for environmental-friendly practices grow, most companies are looking to implement sustainable print solutions. 

Some companies have started in-house recycling in order to reduce wasted toner, paper, ink, and other materials used for printing. Repurposing paper scraps and other materials can be an effective method of utilizing all of your used or unused resources.

Digital printing is also a sustainable option that reduces waste due to not requiring printer plates for the setup, creation, or delivery process of production printing. 

Traditional film-based plates wear out and often need to be replaced whereas the digital printing process involves images that are directly transferred via a drum or imaging transfer belt. Since fewer materials are used in the print process, less waste is created. 


Is Your Business Ready To Start Production Printing?

Depending on your company’s particular print goals and needs, production printing may be the right next step. As most organizations return to a new normal, they are looking for efficient solutions to enhance business.

You may already have a print shop set up in your office to fulfill large orders but still require the necessary equipment. You may have never heard about production printing and are exploring new options to enhance your organization’s overall workflow and operations. Either way, production printing is an excellent choice for a company looking to optimize its print services and overall product quality.

LDI ensures that your needs align with the act of acquiring a production printer. LDI can keep you abreast of all the latest production printing devices and software needed to optimize your business operations.

Interested in learning more about how production printing can help your business? Contact an LDI representative today about your printing needs and concerns. 


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