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By: LDI Connect on November 11, 2020

The Top 4 Reasons to Outsource Your Scanning

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Outsourcing scanning to a professional company is the simple, sensible, and secure way to ensure high-quality digital conversion for all of your businesses’ document needs. In the digital age and the current global climate, more and more employees are working from home – and your company cannot afford to store your valuable information in filing cabinets with minimal access. Your corporation’s archives need to be easily accessible from anywhere, at any time while remaining protected from hackers. Outsourced scanning needs to come from a reliable organization you trust, that will secure your documents while utilizing high-end scanning equipment providing maximized image quality and data accuracy.

What Does Outsourcing Scanning Even Mean?
Outsourcing scanning should be your corporation’s bread and butter for file protection and management. With capabilities like backfilling, your organization can access archives & legacy documents, records & backlogs, and historical documents for reference. In short – the more data you have, the more you should outsource scanning. Outsourcing scanning also includes day-forward capabilities allow easy access to loan documents, invoice & claims, outsourced mailrooms, and lockboxes – which is a great first step in converting your paper records to digital files. Further, book and large format scanning capabilities include a variety of folios & periodicals, blueprints, architectural drawings, and engineering plans. This enables your internal operations to run smoother than ever with your individual organization’s data compiled and analyzed. There are many ways for outsourced scanning to take a load off your plate but the top reasons are below:

  1. Reduce Your Expenses
    Employee productivity will improve hand-in-hand as readily available documents can be found at their fingertips. The stress of locating documents will become obsolete when your company transitions into digitized scanning. By transferring your documents into digital form, your company can reduce costs of offsite and/or onsite storage.
  2. Save Company Time
    With a dedicated team of outsource scanning experts, you can leverage efficiency and reliability knowing that your documents are being properly managed in a timely and cost-efficient manner. With ongoing service level agreements (SLAs), your time-sensitive business processes can see an expedited turn-around.
  3. Mitigate Corporate Risk
    Outsource scanning ensures compliance with industry requirements. Traditional paper files can be easily misplaced or accessed by the wrong individuals. Experts in outsource scanning can not only transfer your documents into digital files but work to manage and protect your valuable information. With access to the best-of-breed manufactured equipment, procedures, and expert management, your documents will meet the highest standards for image quality and security.
  4. Focus All Your Resources
    Odds are, your business does not operate solely on scanning. There is already too much going on in the world for your company to lose additional focus on business by capitalizing on document scanning. Let’s get back to your company’s mission by reducing stress and allowing an outside team coordinate your scanning needs.

Choose a company who will be transparent and straightforward with your outsource scanning needs. For accessible digital documentation with quality and protection you can trust – from anywhere at any time – we have the outsource scanning management you need.

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