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By: Angela Cook on August 23, 2021

UniFLOW Online: What is it & How Can It Help Your Business?

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Is your business looking for ways to optimize its print environment, cut down on costs, and integrate mobile printing? While that all seems like a tall order, uniFLOW Online is a cloud-based print management solution that can effectively secure your print and scan environment from anywhere.

As a managed print provider for over twenty years, LDI has worked with prospects and clients to assess and identify their print needs and goals and recommend print management solutions that will best suit their business.

This article will explain what uniFLOW Online is and four key ways to help your business when implemented. By the end of this article, you will have a better idea if uniFLOW Online is right for your business.


What Is uniFLOW Online?

As a secure cloud-based printing solution, UniFLOW Online is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that can be accessed and used online via a subscription-based model.

UniFLOW Online was initially designed to help businesses of all sizes reduce their overall printing costs while offering a secure public cloud print and scan solution to manage their print environment effectively.

In addition, uniFLOW Online has been developed from the ground up to align Canon devices, the Microsoft Azure™ cloud platform, and various Microsoft products such as Office 365 and OneDrive.

Overall, uniFLOW Online helps meet the needs of businesses who rather not invest in or manage local servers but still need to gain control of their office printing workflow.


4 Ways uniFLOW Online Can Help Your Business 

UniFLOW Online can be a helpful tool for organizations looking to facilitate a collaborative and productive environment while saving time and print costs.

Let’s take a look at the four significant ways uniFLOW Online can help your business.

1. Streamlines Processes To Optimize Employee Productivity

UniFLOW Online lets users print securely from desktop PCs, mobile devices, cloud storage services and scan directly to various scan destinations. With users having the ability to print from wherever they would like, users have greater flexibility in office workflows.  

Gone are the days where employees need to be seated at their desks to send a print job to the printer. A user can efficiently send a print job from their mobile device to a printing device where it will be queued up to print accordingly for that user. 

Well, employees can easily collect print jobs at any device with uniFLOW Online’s My Print Anywhere feature. My Print Anywhere is a critical feature that enables users to modify documents on-demand before releasing them.

An optimized scan and print workflow integrated with an increased variety of scan destinations provide users with a more optimized and flexible process.

2. Enhances Document Security

UniFLOW Online keeps personal or confidential documents secure with its secure print release feature.

The secure print release function enables users to send a document to a printer from anywhere. The print job will not be released until the authorized user verifies their identity.

There are several ways to authenticate a user’s identity, such as key card log-in, PIN code, username and password log-in, job code, and more. Users can choose any of uniFLOW Online’s Multi-factor Authentication methods when using a multifunction device. 

UniFLOW Online can restrict printer access to unauthorized users.

3. Controls Print Costs

UniFLOW Online’s built-in reporting system can help your organization cut down on unnecessary print costs.

All printing, copying, scanning, and faxing-related costs can be assessed, tracked, and charged back on any uniFLOW enabled device your business has. This means that every expense can be allocated to a particular team, department, or project.

Effectively monitor savings through optimized printing practices, such as deleting Secure Print jobs sitting in the print queue and understanding where your company may be overspending.

With the information obtained through uniFLOW Online’s built-in reporting system, you can set in place achievable printing rules and create a return on the original investment your company made.

4. Supports Sustainability Initiatives

Printed documents can often be forgotten about and left in the printer tray. UniFLOW Online’s secure release functions won’t allow print jobs to be released and printed unless authorized.

Not only can this save your company money, but it can save your company a lot of wasted paper and consumables like toner and ink.

By monitoring device usage and cost savings regarding your print environment, uniFLOW Online can illustrate how many trees or how many grams of CO2 were saved.

UniFLOW Online can create reports that illustrate how your company has effectively reduced its print usage or pinpoint device usage that seems unnecessary. Overall, this can help employees be more aware of their print use, resulting in a positive environmental impact.


Is uniFLOW Online Right For Your Business?

Identifying a print management solution that works for your company’s print needs and goals is imperative.

However, suppose your company does not print, scan, or fax documents. In that case, you may not require a print management solution such as uniFLOW Online to optimize your print environment.

Now let’s say you’re a hybrid organization that requires a streamlined printing process that’s collaborative and saves you time and money. Well, in that case, uniFLOW Online can come in handy.

LDI knows how tricky it can be to choose the correct print management solution for your business, primarily when you’ve never used one before. That’s why our team of managed print specialists spend time detailing the software for you and implementing it within your current print infrastructure.

Learn more about software applications on your multifunction printer and compare print management solutions, uniFLOW vs. PaperCut today, to make an educated buying decision later on.

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