Drive Efficiency With Document Management Automation

Document Management solutions allow you to create, capture, store, access, share, distribute and archive files, in a constantly evolving age of information.

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Automate Tasks

Empower your employees with instant access. seamless workflows and a review and approval process.

Minimize Costs

Save money by eliminating manual filing, file duplication, retrieval costs and organization downtime.

Improve Communication

Share documents electronically with colleagues and clients while you’re at the office or on the go.

Heightened Security

Protect documents, information and intellectual property that are private, sensitive, restricted or confidential. 

Your Business Can Benefit From a Customized Document Management Solution

When you purchase a software application off-the-shelf, the manufacturer and developer have no idea who you are or what you are trying to achieve.  LDI Connect's team of document management specialists will assess your requirements and customize a solution that is the best for for your business.

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Access the Largest Variety of Scalable Document Management Services

A sound document management system that fits your specific business needs will protect access to information, improve operational efficiency and comply with government regulations. 

Workflow Automation

Empower your employees with a seamless workflow management system that reduces delays of task completion like reviews and approvals.

Electronic Forms

Lean into a paperless society and provide your team with the convenience of sending forms digitally to clients and colleagues.

Electronic Consent

Save costs, time, and the environment by streamlining the retrieval of necessary signatures and consent digitally.

Intelligent Document Processing

Digitize your paper assets to simplify, automate and secure your business information. 

Backfile Conversion

Increase accessibility and lower storage costs by digitizing your archived and saved files through high speed scanning solutions.

Job Accounting and Billing

Slip into the age of digital convenience by implementing electronic billing, statement, and invoice processing.


LDI Connect Document Management

“LDI Connect has helped our co-working space immensely. Our clients feel secure in printing sensitive documents, since they need to enter their PIN code to collect prints from anywhere in the space.”

Liz A, Director of Operations


LDI Connect's Document Management Team

10 Best Practices for Document Management

When you download this checklist, you'll learn the 10 steps that make every company successful in their document management strategy.

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Start Driving Efficiency For Your Business Today

Let’s solve your document management challenges together. We’ll get you up and running with the best fitting solutions and support available in our industry in no time.

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