Enhance Your Collaboration with an Effective Pro AV Strategy

Transform the way you do business with an effective digital signage, interactive displays and video conferencing, professional audio visual strategy.

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Missed an important meeting or opportunity?

Missing critical information, deadlines, events or opportunities can be very costly to your business or organization. Whether you move your physical meeting to a virtual platform or use touch-enabled solutions to enhance your in-person experience, LDI Connect’s Pro AV platforms will keep you in the know and improve your productivity.

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Ready for a Pro AV Makeover?

Enhance your business or organization with the industry’s leading Pro AV solutions represented by LDI Connect. Your organization is always assured of getting the right solution for your environment.

Meeting Rooms

From conference rooms and huddle up spaces to executive boardrooms and immersive telepresence systems, we design, install and optimize your technology to make your meetings run smoothly.

Video Conferencing

Enhance your hybrid work environment with the applications, hardware and accessories that offer dazzling visuals in high resolution and extraordinary sound quality for all the participants in your meeting.

Interactive Displays

Improve your huddle up collaborations, trainings and creativity with portable or mounted digital flip charts. You’ll never miss an important bullet, innovative thought, meeting note or spontaneous meeting opportunity again.

Digital Signage

Make the most important information in your office accessible and visible to all who need to see it. No need to keep your branding, mission statement and office events a secret any longer.

Audio Visual Services

Because each room environment and customer requirement is unique, you need a design, project and installation team that understands and can customize your professional audio visual solution.

What Clients are saying about

LDI Connect Pro AV

“Literally in a minute, I can change all the content on all my TVs and load a new template.”  

Beatriz Gonzalez
Indian Lake Bistro

“LDI Connect helped us streamline our office technology with brilliant displays that enhance our videoconferencing, and digitally present our fire companies, leadership, regulatory documents, history and fallen heroes.”  

Deb Themann
Fire District Administrator
West Sayville Fire District


LDI Connect's Pro AV Team

5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Developing a Digital Signage Solution

Before you make any digital signage decision, you need to ask yourself these 5 questions to ensure you are purchasing the proper technology for your needs.

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Let’s solve your office technology challenges together. LDI Connect will get your Pro AV platforms up and running with the best industry-leading solutions and support.

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