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By: Angela Cook on May 19, 2021

Hot-Desking: What Is It And What Are The Benefits?

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Hot-desking has become a popular choice for companies looking to revolutionize their business operations. Hot-desking provides a flexible option for various companies interested in enhancing their employee’s way of working.

Working in an office with divided cubicles and separate offices can isolate employees and keep them from collaborating and feeling connected to their coworkers. Hot-desking bridges that gap and enables employees to feel included and autonomous in their choices.

Here at LDI, we work with prospects and customers interested in altering their office setup. LDI has worked with clients to identify what it is they wish to accomplish when it comes to hot-desking and then determines various IT, Cloud, and Unified Communications solutions to fit their needs.

Hot-desking meets the needs of companies who are evolving and interested in staying up-to-date with the times. LDI can work to ensure that your employee’s work laptops are equipped with cloud solutions, connected to a viable network, and work efficiently from any desk they choose to work at.

This article will cover what hot-desking is and the four benefits employees can experience when implemented. By the end of this article, you will understand how beneficial hot-desking can be and how it can enhance your employees’ efficiency.

What Is Hot-Desking?

Hot-desking is a work office setup that allows employees to choose an open desk to do their work instead of sitting at the same assigned seat and desk every day.

With hot-desking, an employee would only need their portable work laptop and an internet connection to do work. Hot-desking operates as a first-come, first-serve option for employees. It provides flexibility and communication options that employees would otherwise not experience sitting at the same desk each and every day.

Hot-desking enables companies to manage their office space while giving employees the freedom to select their own work desk every day.

What Are 4 Key Benefits Of Hot-Desking?

Hot desking can pave the way for a more flexible, collaborative, and engaging work environment. By simply enabling your employees to sit where they wish, they have the freedom to pursue projects whilst interacting with their coworkers, hot desking provides a creative and productive option.

Let’s dive into four key benefitsf of hot-desking and how it can help your company.

1. Enhances Collaboration & Communication

A regular workplace environment does not always convey a sense of collaboration, creativity, or fluid communication. Instead, employees often depend on a platform such as Microsoft Teams to communicate with their coworkers.

As more and more companies return to the office to work,  collaborating and communicating with peers is highly sought after and valued.

Hot-desking promotes networking among employees who may not usually work together on projects. Employees are able to sit close to the people on their team as well, which can be beneficial in tackling an initiative together.

Employees will be able to communicate and collaborate more effectively when they can freely bounce around ideas with the coworker they choose to sit next to. Other areas of work may improve from the surplus of networking opportunities that can occur as well.

2. Cuts Company Costs

The price of commercial real estate varies on the location and size. However, it can often be a big expense. With workspaces not being used as much due to the uptick in remote working, companies have been downsizing and reconsidering their lease.

Hot-desking effectively minimizes the amount of office space needed to conduct business operations. Employees choosing where they feel most comfortable to work not only cuts costs but improves the employee work experience.

For example, giving employees the freedom to work from home, an available desk at the office, or a couch in a coffee shop will ultimately reduce the amount of office space needed to conduct business.

Hot-desking will help your company manage its facility options by allowing employees to choose what is convenient for them.

3. Minimizes Office Mess

Let’s face it, cubicles and offices are breeding grounds for disorganization and clutter. Sure, one employee may be organized and diligent in cleaning their space, but another employee might find those tasks tedious and a waste of time.

Not to mention, there’s also the use of extra barricading and well, stuff, that gets in the way of an office feeling spacious and inspiring.

With hot-desking, employees will not let their space get out of control because that space does not in fact belong to them. Think of it this way, if an employee sits down at their chosen spot for the day, chances are that they won’t be sitting there tomorrow.

Sure, every employee will need to be responsible for any garbage they leave behind, but they will not bring picture frames, plants, and memorabilia to decorate their space.

A reduction in clutter and disorganization can help employees keep focused on the task at hand while improving the cleanliness of the office as a whole.

4. Increases Employee Independence

Developing a positive company culture can be tough. An employee’s autonomy is imperative in ensuring that employees feel trusted to do their jobs at the best of their ability.

Hot-desking allows your office to be a safe space for employees to take full ownership of their deliverables.  

Through hot-desking, employees are given the option to choose a work location that is conducive for them.

And Finally, Is Hot-Desking Right For You? 

Hot-desking can optimize the way companies do business and improve their employees’ overall work experience. With common issues such as regular interaction, employee connectivity, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility; hot-desking offers a feasible solution.

Hot-desking is not practical for companies looking to keep their office setup the same with assigned seating. Hot-desking is optimal for companies looking to downsize their office space or try a new approach for their office environment

LDI can work with you to ensure that your office space fits the needs of your employees. LDI can assess your network, install the right cloud-related applications for your network, and provide optimal helpdesk support so that your employees can carry on with their work with minimal interruption if any. LDI will ensure that your employees can effectively work from anywhere they so choose.

If you are interested in integrating hot desking into your office environment, contact an LDI representative today.


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