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By: Angela Cook on March 17, 2021

Malware Protection Software: SentinelOne vs. Norton vs. McAfee

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You’ve decided to invest in a cybersecurity solution for your organization, but you want to know all your options. With all of the technology out there, it can be hard to pinpoint a system that’s just right for your business’ needs. Each industry and corporation is different, and assessing the pros and cons of distinct solutions can help you make a final decision.

As a managed IT services provider, LDI has the software expertise needed to provide our clients with the right system for them – working with these services day in and day out. LDI connects our customers with SentinelOne, an award winning manufacturer to administer the advanced solutions you need. Keeping this in mind, we chose to compare SentinelOne with renowned malware protection services – Norton and McAfee so you can decide which system is right for you.

We understand the struggles of securing your private data in this day in age – and we aim to provide you with a holistic view of the importance of protecting your valuable information and how differing systems can help.

We seek to compare SentinelOne with McAfee and Norton to educate our readers on each software as a whole to help guide your business in this investment.


The Importance of Investing in Cybersecurity

In order to choose the best protective software, you need to realistically assess your cybersecurity needs. Ultimately, cybersecurity provides protection from theft or damage to your company’s hardware, software, and electronic information from outsiders looking to disrupt the services you provide. Namely, you don’t want hackers to utilize stolen data for the gain of themselves or a group for most commonly, profit.

You’re not alone in thinking you need to beef up your preventative cybersecurity measures. Cybersecurity has been on the rise for years as a result of the digital age, and during this time of unease amid COVID-19, it’s no surprise that hackers would increase their attempts now more than ever.

As of March 2020, online scams increased by over 400% in comparison to previous months. In a time where businesses and consumers are shifting their transactions majorly to eCommerce, this shift has allowed cybercriminals to infiltrate organizations and individuals’ IT systems with ease.

The question is – how do you prepare for and prevent these kinds of attacks?

Whether you’re replacing an existing solution or are looking to integrate malware protection for the first time, it’s crucial to begin this process sooner rather than later. Replacing obsolete antivirus solutions with advanced endpoint security removes your outdated antivirus solution to protect against file-less and script-based threats, and can even rollback a ransomware attack.

You don’t want to be caught unaware or off-guard when it comes to cyber threats. When choosing between programs like LogMeIn or SentinelOne, it’s important to rank what your IT needs are so that you can make a more informed choice.


What is McAfee? 

McAfee’s cyber security packages adapt to fit any business or family’s needs including secure VNP, performance optimization, home network security, encrypted storage, safe web browsing and more. Additional programs included in their cyber security includes the McAfee Shredder tool that allows you to permanently delete data on your PC. This option allows you to discard unwanted files in order to protect your privacy and they cannot be recovered.

McAfee’s award winning internet security operates as a safeguard for antivirus and  capitalizes on ID theft protection, detecting thefts on the dark web and connecting you with alerts you of potential synthetic identity fraud and 24/7/365. McAfee is an advantageous choice for families who are looking to stay connected on a multitude of devices. Their “Multi-device protection for your modern connected family” includes protection on five to ten devices and works on Windows PC, Macs, tablets, and smartphones.

McAffee Pros

As a 1st generation player in cybersecurity protection, McAfee acts as a reliable choice. The integration of McAfee solutions has an edge on its competitors for its long lasting stance in the marketplace and has established a foothold in many organizations’ cybersecurity efforts already. McAfee also provides OS freedom on Windows, Mac, Linux feature parity, etc. This feature is beneficial in the advancing virtual office place.

McAfee solutions are easy to monitor and operate with features like device, firewall, and Bluetooth control. The system is user-friendly with integration and deployment that comes with high ranking quality of technical support.

McAfee Cons

McAfee offers an array of packages at differing price points – these costs are not disclosed online but can be determined through further consultation.

McAfee provides comparable features to Norton and SentinelOne, but does not maintain next generation endpoint security. This service implements partial autonomous protection and response dependent on signatures and cloud connectivity, and partial fast recovery varying across components.


What is Norton?

Norton offers an array of cybersecurity packages at comparable price ranges to that of SentinelOne and McAfee. These systems include real-time protection, smart firewalls, dark web monitoring, 10GB cloud backups, and more. With a comprehensive antivirus – Norton’s latest technology, “Norton Secure VNP”, refers to a virtual private network that extends within a public network to allow users easy communication. This process occurs by sending and receiving messages privately as if their computing devices are connected to the same network.

“Norton Secure VNP” includes bank-grade encryption to help protect your wifi security. This state-of-the-art technology is advantageous for the ever evolving hybrid and remote workplace environment of today’s age. VNP allows for corporate communication security as if coworkers were working directly in the same building as one another from anywhere at anytime.

Norton Pros

Norton’s solutions are a favorable choice with its powerful anti-malware engine that utilizes machine learning to preemptively dismantle any and all cyber threats. The software consistently updates assuring protection from viruses and more advanced threats such as cryptojackers.

The software also includes privacy, webcam, and identity theft protection. These additional features can be advantageous for the end-users peace of mind and business dealings.

Like many cybersecurity packages Norton is available through a subscription and has been acknowledged for their relatively low prices. The costs range based on each package, but all maintain Norton’s award-winning antivirus solutions. As a well-established corporation, Norton maintains strong industry ties and is a reliable choice for businesses of all sizes.

Norton Cons

Norton isn’t the most mobile user-friendly software out there. The solution requires a few separate apps downloaded on the user’s mobile devices in order to get full security – and the desktop app is not as easy to use as its competitors.

Although Norton offers encrypted web access through its VPN (virtual private network), it has not unblocked a few sites detected through consumer reports. The VPN is also slower than its competitors.  


What is SentinelOne?

SentinelOne is an endpoint protection platform mainly designed for enterprises in healthcare, education, finance, and energy industries. Ultimately, it is an IT network security solution that implements specific types of computer network security approaches in the form of endpoint security.

SentinelOne provides real time endpoint protection utilizing multiple patented AI algorithms that protect against threat vectors. With active detection and response, your devices will remain defended by stopping processes, blocking off, and remedying viruses at the source.

Further, SentinelOne integrates a cloud-based IoT discovery and control system that enforces dynamic policies to detect vulnerability in your devices. Your cloud security is developed through a safe transformation of your valuable information through secure visibility, file integrity, monitoring, protection, and compliance

SentinelOne Pros 

SentinelOne is considered next generation endpoint protection, while traditional players like McAfee, Trend Micro, and Symantec are considered 1st generation/legacy solutions. The solution is affordable yet scalable and feature-rich enough to be leveraged by even the largest companies.

Your organization may choose to invest in Sentinel One if you are looking for one platform that prevents, detects, and responds to malware breaches or viruses quickly.

This software replaces obsolete systems, integrating the latest software in virus protection to ensure your employees and your clients data is secure. It even goes a step further than detecting and stopping attacks – it automatically rolls back modifications caused by cyberattacks and restores the system or network to its original configuration or status.

SentinelOne Cons

Although SentinelOne has favorable end point protection software, its detection of potential threats has proven to be a bit of a problem for the end user. The solution reports threats via email of many 3rd party programs that do not maintain suspicious activity. This can lead to several false positive reports.


Which Malware Protection Service is Right For You?

If your business currently relies on outdated antivirus products, SentinelOne is the right choice for you. Instead of experiencing the recovery and cost of downtime once you’re exposed to cyber attacks, SentinelOne eliminates that burden with its endpoint security protection that allows your employees to remain productive while your system recovers.

LDI offers SentinelOne at $10/endpoint/month and includes a Security Operations Center (SOC). S1 direct offers multiple plans and an optional SOC.

If our solutions sound like a good fit for your business, you can turn to LDI CONNECT to start a free trial today! In addition to being able to set you up SentinelOne, LDI CONNECT can also provide network assessments, IT hardware equipment and 24/7 monitoring.

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