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By: Brian Gertler on August 9, 2022

Why Law Firms Should Consider a Unified Communications Strategy

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Many law firms advertise a myriad of legal services, but clients just want their problems solved at the end of the day. UCaaS solutions consolidate multiple communication channels under one technology umbrella so law firms can achieve enhanced communication, collaboration, and faster responses to client issues.


At LDI Connect, our Cloud Services division helps clients implement UcaaS solutions to stay collaborative and connected. This article provides examples of how UcaaS enhances communications and why there has never been a better time for law firms to embrace UCaaS.


Embracing UCaaS | Unified Communications as a Service

So, what’s the use case for UCaaS solutions? Effectively combining multiple communication channels under one technological umbrella enhances law firms’ communications. A fully integrated cloud communications platform goes a long way toward improving internal efficiencies and client experience. Here are a few examples:


1. Easy Connections

Lawyers hold in-person meetings with clients, then follow up with emails and SMS messages. Video chats may be required to reach experts halfway across the globe. Unified communications enable law firms to communicate securely, anywhere, anytime in a one-to-one, one-to-many, or many-to-many call environment.


2. Increased Availability

Lawyers and legal staff can be more available to their clients thanks to convenient mobile UCaaS apps. By having multiple devices keyed to the same ID, smartphones, tablets, and remote devices become an extension of their office phone systems. Lawyers can maintain a professional business presence in the office, on the train home, or in the car on a way to another appointment.


3. Easier Prioritization

It’s not uncommon for a lawyer to see a call come in while they’re already on the phone. With features like virtual assistants and call transcription, lawyers can quickly scan the text of incoming messages and previous calls to prioritize the most important calls for follow-up.


4. Greater Productivity

Law firms integrating their UCaaS solution with practice management tools can enjoy a significant productivity boost. All inbound and outbound calls are automatically logged, making it easier to track billable hours and ensure steady revenue for the firm. Lawyers, freed from manually tracking their calls, can focus on delivering excellent service to their clients.


5. Simple Handling

One of the biggest headaches for any organization is managing communication channels when needs suddenly change, or connection issues emerge. Having the right UCaaS and/or CCaaS platform ensures that all calls, voice or video, can easily be trafficked, bridged, or rerouted.


6. Adaptable Options

Lawyers are required to handle sensitive information divulged by clients in face-to-face meetings. There’s no faster way to damage client relations than with constant interruptions from mobile devices about emails, calls, and SMS messages. UCaaS solutions allow lawyers to set up do-not-disturb and message-forwarding options to ensure they get the data they need without losing focus.


7. Improved Collaboration

Great law firms thrive on collaboration. There are tremendous benefits related to a process that enables conversation about expert testimony, legal precedent, expected outcomes, and/or similar cases. UCaaS lets lawyers across the hall — or the country — easily collaborate by sending messages, documents, and multimedia files for review and modification.


The bottom line for law firms is that communication is critical in securing and retaining long-term clients. Firms must also demonstrate a level of effortless tech-savviness that matches that of their clients. Lawyers don’t have time to fight with communications technology that doesn’t facilitate ease of connection, channel handling, and collaboration. In the age of digital transformation and communication, UCaaS empowers the transition. Book a Meeting to learn more about LDI Connect’s Cloud Services.

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