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By: LDI Connect on August 13, 2020

ELEVATE Your Workplace Connectivity

LDI ELEVATE | Unified Communications

During these uncertain times, we must follow regulated safety precautions to ensure our communities and organizations are protected from COVID – 19. You may find it difficult to keep your corporation connected during this time, while some employees work from home, and some begin making their transition back into offices. It is essential to keep your employees connected – not only for the productivity of your organization – but also, so they can maintain meaningful relationships with one another.

At LDI, we believe that a workplace of mutual respect between employees can begin through connectivity with our unified communication tools. Regardless of your location, you should maintain valuable relationships with your coworkers to make the most out of every workday. Practicing social distancing techniques doesn’t have to mean being disconnected from your colleagues. Coworkers should hold a united front in tackling the pandemic together. Building and upholding quality relationships between coworkers is proven to benefit the individual and organization.

There are an array of features on LDI ELEVATE, our unified communications tool, that can help maintain the workflow between coworkers. From computer to mobile phone capabilities, LDI ELEVATE has the range and reliability to bring people together – it wouldn’t have won the J.D. Power award four times in a row otherwise. With up to 99.999% reliability, LDI ELEVATE provides quality one-on-one chats which allow for quick back and forth, file sharing between individuals or teams, quick elevation into calls as well as screensharing and instant meetings.

With LDI ELEVATE, your workplace can,

  • Hold online meetings, virtual town halls, or company gatherings
  • Stay connected internally and with clients via high definition video and audio
  • Utilize call flipping to continue a current active call using a different device
  • Take advantage of other remote collaboration features like screen sharing, call recording, chat messaging, note taking and more
  • Enjoy unlimited use with no restrictions on the duration or location of the meetings

LDI ELEVATE is here to alleviate the additional stresses of a hybrid workplace. We recognize that it can be difficult to navigate communications while some employees remain remote and some return to offices at minimal capacity. Allow us to connect your entire organization, so we can help maintain those valuable relationship between your employees that help to further drive the productivity and efficiency of the workplace everyday.

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