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By: LDI Connect on November 28, 2022

Questions to Ask UCaaS Providers


UCaaS is a complex topic, and while it’s easy to type “What is UCaaS” into a search engine, the results usually leave newcomers with more questions than answers. Since becoming a Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider, we’ve noticed many of our customers have similar questions regarding UCaaS. Rather than add more confusion to the mix, we’ve laid out the most common questions and answers to help you find a provider that’s right for you.

What Is UCaaS?

UCaaS is an all-in-one service that uses multiple connection streams to simplify a business’s communication channels. A UCaaS system connects the following features in one easily accessible interface:

  • Instant messaging
  • Audio and video calling
  • Mobile features
  • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  • Desktop sharing
  • File sharing

Unlike traditional phone systems, UCaaS systems operate on the cloud allowing users to work anywhere they have an internet connection. Cloud-based UCaaS technology gives businesses greater access to streamlined communication and maximum efficiency in a digital world.

Common Questions About UCaaS

UCaaS continues to grow as technology advances, with a 25% yearly market growth rate indicating a bright future for cloud-based communication systems. Keep reading to learn how UCaaS modernizes business workflows and what that impact could mean for your company. 

Why Is UCaaS Essential?

UCaaS is the future of business communications, allowing for easy collaboration between your employees and your clients by placing all your phone calls, emails, voice memos and more in one easily accessible location. In a world where physical location no longer determines where and how people work, having effective communication channels is essential to the success of any business seeking to remain competitive and ahead of the curve. 

What Are the Collaboration Features?

Collaboration is key for every team regardless of industry, size or location. UCaaS catalyzes collaboration and productivity by providing streamlined communication channels and workplace mobility. By utilizing a single platform that integrates a phone system, video conferencing, chat, screen sharing, and file management into one hub, users have access to a world of streamlined communication channels at their fingertips.

Similarly, since the capabilities of a UCaaS system are on the cloud vs. a physical office or landline, users can access their communication channels anywhere they have internet access and a mobile device. Cloud-based communication allows people to take or make work calls in the office, in their car, from home, you name it — without the need for traditional phone systems.

Will UCaaS Work With My Current System?

As a cloud-based solution, UCaaS operates from any location, and any number of users can work off this system. Similarly, UCaaS systems will integrate with almost all mobile and PC devices on your current network, as well as software applications like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and more. On the slight chance that UCaaS does not operate on your existing network, LDI will enhance your network services to improve connectivity.

LDI – Your UCaaS Provider

LDI Connect is a managed service provider offering a multitude of office technology solutions for modern businesses, including comprehensive UCaaS products and support. We make connecting your team through one integrated communication network easy by providing everything you need and the setup, training, and support to ensure it works. 

Interested in learning how UCaaS can benefit your organization? Get in contact with us today. Our certified UCaaS experts can answer all your questions and more! 

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