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By: Angela Cook on April 2, 2021

Security Camera Systems: 4 Key Benefits of Remote Access

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While every business operates differently, most companies have recently been following a hybrid or remote workplace model due to COVID-19. Now that most employees aren’t physically working in the office, office equipment and sensitive data are at risk while left unattended and unmonitored.

Luckily, through remote access, business owners and employees can keep an eye on the office without physically being there.

Here at LDI, we know how important it is to keep your office equipment, belongings, and, most importantly, your employees safe. LDI’s CTVi unit provides various sized companies with security surveillance systems, card access systems, communication systems, and more to help them remotely view what is happening at their facility.

This article will break down what a security camera system is and why it is important to access it remotely. We will also explain four benefits of accessing your security camera system remotely. By the end of this article, you will know how having remote access to your security camera system can improve your company’s overall security.


What is a Security Camera System?

Security Camera Systems consist of wireless security cameras. These cameras send video and audio signals via the internet or wireless network to a receiver that connects to your device of choice.

Remote access security camera systems can enable 24/7 security monitoring. Security cameras can include various features like low-light viewing, rain resistance, thermal imaging, and more to help keep your company secure.


Why is Remote Access So Important For Businesses?


Remotely accessing your security camera system is imperative in keeping your business secure. Security camera systems help your company deter threats such as robbery, vandalism, workplace violence, and shrinkage.

Remotely accessing your security cameras enables you to work from anywhere while also promoting security and safety at your office.


What Are the 4 Benefits of Using Remote Access?

Once your security camera system is connected to a router with internet access, any employee with log-in information can view the footage.

By opening up a web browser on your computing device, typing in your company’s IP address, and entering your log-in information, you’re able to view your company’s security camera systems remotely.

With how easy it is to access your security camera system, let’s take a deeper dive into the five benefits of implementing one with remote access.

1. Efficiently Monitor Employees and Visitors

Suppose you are a business owner or an administrator responsible for monitoring how many occupants have entered and left the office. In that case, there is no need to do a physical headcount anymore. You can remotely view and count how many people have entered and left the office through remote access.

You can also allow individuals to enter your office by opening the door remotely if the employee or visitor does not have card access. High-resolution zoom-in features can help you get a closer look at the individual if you don’t recognize them from afar.

Depending on where the security cameras are placed in the office, you might be more inclined to set up security cameras in front of your server room or file cabinets containing sensitive information.

Having the ability to control the camera’s direction and movement from the comfort of your own home can help you monitor office activity and what everyone is doing.

2. Safely Identify and Deter Threat From Happening 

A significant perk of remotely accessing your security camera system is identifying whether someone is entering a restrictive area and deterring theft from occurring in the first place.

For example, let’s say a burglar has the intent of breaking into your office and stealing your equipment. Security camera systems have sensors that, when triggered, can either notify you or the police immediately.

Security camera systems also have visual and audible elements that can be used to scare off a burglar, like a horn or warning message, and you can even record the theft as it’s happening.

Having a security camera system set up to record any suspicious activity once it’s happening helps gather time-stamped camera footage as evidence to show the police later on if, by some chance, the burglar is successful in their attempt to steal something.

An administrator or Managed IT Provider can easily set these trigger features up during the installation of a security camera system.

3. Monitor Customer Interactions 

Through remote access, you can keep an eye on customer transactions as they are happening live. While working remotely, you can check in on customer or client interactions inside or outside your office whenever you want to.

Ensuring that your customers are well tended to from the comfort of your own home can help you assess what changes need to be implemented to enhance workflow and business operations. 

Remotely accessing your security camera system can help you to generate helpful insights after evaluating customer traffic and assessing what your customers and employees are up to whether your company has many locations or not.

4. Keep Employees Safe

When used correctly, Thermal Imaging Cameras can effectively measure a person’s surface skin temperature without being physically close to the person being evaluated.

Another Thermal Imaging Solution is a Temperature Kiosk. Temperature Kiosks act as a temperature scanning station and scan an individual’s temperature upon entering and leaving a building.

Thermal imaging technology offers touchless solutions to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


Is Remote Access Right For You? 

After reading about the benefits above, you may still be uncertain if remote access can help your business.

Depending on whether you have a security camera system set up or not, the first step would be to assess your current security infrastructure. Decide whether investing in a security camera system is currently doable for your business.

Once you install a security camera system, practicing how to access your security camera remotely is imperative. Learning the basics of remote access can help keep your business secure and ensure that your employees, customers, and visitors are safe.

LDI provides security cameras, complete security systems, and services that can help you keep an eye on your business with centralized monitoring. Let us help you stay secure today by contacting us today and explaining your business concerns and needs.


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