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By: Angela Cook on April 9, 2021

How To Set Up A Video Conference (Conference Room & Remote Setups)

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Whether your company follows a remote or hybrid business model, video conferencing has helped businesses stay connected and collaborative since the start of COVID-19. While the world of video conferencing may seem vast and large, it is pretty easy to understand. Video conferencing enables various concepts and solutions to come alive in a visual way.

Embracing the power that video conferencing can bring to your business operations is imperative to your team’s overall workflow and productivity.

LDI’s PRO AV division works closely with new customers and existing clients to provide video conferencing equipment and services. We help install, implement, and educate those interested in video conferencing to improve their business practices through interactive visual setups.

This article will describe what video conferencing is and will include a few easy ways to set up video conferencing for your company. After reading this article, you will better grasp how video conferencing can enhance your company’s business operations and overall workflow.


What is Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing involves both audio and visual elements. A video conference is a type of meeting hosted online where one or more people can partake in a live call.

Video Conferencing is an excellent solution for businesses looking to provide an audio-visual solution for their team, customer, and clients to effectively communicate, collaborate, and create with one another.

Let’s break down two simple ways to set up video conferencing for your business.


How Can You Set Up Video Conferencing for Your Remote or Hybrid Work Environment?

Video conferencing helps people stay connected. Various video conferencing solutions can be tailored to your company’s particular needs. With every video conferencing setup comes specific equipment that affects the quality and productivity of the video conference.

Luckily, we have gone ahead and detailed two video conferencing setups that can help your business stay connected and collaborative.

1. Conference Room Setup

Video Conferencing is essential to any business looking to present a project or an idea in an interactive and collaborative way.

Many companies have altered their business model to a hybrid work environment. Preparing your conference room for a safe and interactive video conference is imperative. 

Below are a few items you will need to conduct a video conference in your conference room.

What Your Company Will Need:

    • A network connection

    • A codec

    • A video conferencing application license

    • A video conferencing camera, microphone, and speaker

    • One or more displays

After considering what equipment you’ll need for your conference room, it’s essential to learn how each piece fits together. With a solid network connection and a functioning computer, choosing a video-conferencing application that works for your company comes next. 

Depending on your company’s needs, you may want to work with Microsoft Teams if your business is comfortable using Microsoft 365 in other business aspects. Your company might prefer using G-Suite and in that case, might rather use Google Meet to conduct a video conference. 

Regardless of the application you choose, having a reliable video conferencing solution will increase your team’s productivity and efficiency.

Luckily, either your internal IT department or outsourced managed IT provider can help you assess your current IT infrastructure and help plan out what your network requires to stay connected.

The size of your company’s conference room and the safety precautions your company wants to implement play a big part in choosing the right equipment for your ideal physical setup.

Choosing the right camera, microphone, speaker, and display all depend on how many people will be joining a call in the conference room. For safety purposes, it is safer to have people sit about arm’s length to 6 feet apart from one another. This can significantly affect the number and size of displays, camera, microphone, and speaker in your conference room. 

2. Wireless Remote Setup

Video conferencing does not solely exist in conference rooms anymore. Employees can easily join a video conference now from the comfort of their own home or workplace of choice.

By just using a laptop, cell phone, or wireless computing device; all that is required is an internet connection and an embedded webcam.

Depending on the application you’re using, any employee can send a meeting invite with an embedded video link. By simply clicking on the video link and verifying your audio and visual input, you will be able to join a call from anywhere. 

Applications like Zoom and Microsoft Teams can help you set up a video conference within minutes. Whether you are hosting or joining a call as a guest, once the video conference has started, feel free to share your screen or send over a link through the application. 


Ready To Start Video Conferencing? 

Now that we covered how to set up a video conference in a conference room and remotely, it’s important to be aware of just how important it is for your employees to stay connected.

Through video conferencing employees are able to work as a team whether they’re in the office or working remotely. With the ability to share screens, create, discuss current and future projects, employees can still function as a team regardless of where they are working from.

Here at LDI, we know how important it is to stay connected. Over the past ten years, we have encouraged our customers and clients to modernize their work environment to include any video conferencing setup they desire. Working with clients in various industries such as education, health, and more, has made us flexible in our approach to creating the best video conferencing solution for your business.

Contact us today and let us hear your video conferencing ideas so that we can help you set it up today.

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