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By: LDI Connect on September 17, 2020

Be Remote-Ready with LogMeIn

Cyber Security | Managed IT

Entering the new normal, businesses and employees around the world are facing new challenges in their daily practices. Your organization is likely starting to think beyond crisis management and is preparing for long-term, growth-oriented remote work. As such, it’s important to eliminate friction for the modern workforce and make remote work as accessible as possible.

There have been overwhelmingly positive responses from business leaders and employees across the globe regarding this new change to remote workplaces. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau survey revealed that one-third of all American workers and half of all so-called “information workers” are able to work from home, and that 98% would like the option of working from home for the rest of their career. However, one of the great challenges of working from home is keeping your connections secure. 

This is why LDI CONNECT offers LogMeIn services, the #1 most-reliable remote access and support solution to keep your business running no matter where you’re working from. LogMeIn, in collaboration with LDI CONNECT, offers reliable remote access for daily work operations from anywhere, at any time. These software solutions allow for secure computer desktop access from afar and includes sharing, storing, and collaboration on remote desktop files. These remote sharing capabilities can elevate the efficiency of your corporation through file sharing and the option to securely print from your nearest printer, at your convenience.

LDI CONNECT and LogMeIn provide your organization with secure services that you can trust. Work from any location and maintain day-to-day operations with LogMeIn’s secure, reliable, and easy-to-use remote access. Stay fully connected and productive even away from the office.

Regardless of your physical workplace location, our IT management services increase efficiency and productivity. Although these times are uncertain, this change may just be the future of business operations in the digital age. Keep your organization ahead and start your free LogMeIn trial with LDI CONNECT today!

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