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By: Angela Cook on October 22, 2021

CrowdStrike Falcon Vs. SentinelOne Singularity XDR: 3 Differences

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Think of every network device as a new entry point for a cyber attacker to crawl through and access your business’s confidential information. So if a network device, also known as an endpoint is left without endpoint protection, a cyber attack is very likely to occur. 

With that said, do you know if every endpoint on your company’s network is secure?

Endpoint detection and response (EDR) software like Crowdstrike Falcon and the SentinelOne Singularity XDR platform work to identify, investigate, and eliminate risks from your network immediately.

It can be challenging to tell which EDR platform is right for your business, primarily when each is marketed to do the same thing. Our Managed IT team here at LDI supports customers in their cybersecurity journey by educating them on the software and deploying it to each vulnerable endpoint on their network.

Our team deploys the SentinelOne Singularity XDR platform as a part of our full-boat Managed IT Services to ensure our client’s network is well-protected. 

This article will define endpoint detection and response (EDR). It will also detail what CrowdStrike and SentinelOne can do for business. We will then cover the differences between CrowdStrike and SentinelOne. By the end of this article, you will better understand each platform and which to choose for your business. 


What Is Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)?

Let’s make this simple. Endpoint detection and response platforms identify and kill any suspicious endpoint activity. 

For example, suppose an employee at your company happens to download sketchy software from a phishing email. By downloading this malware from a phishing email, their endpoint or computing device is at risk of getting cyber attacked. 

That employee’s endpoint is an official gateway to your company’s IT network of devices. In that case, an EDR platform can stop a threat from taking root in your network. 

As a viable security solution, EDR tools collect telemetry data on suspicious activity and analyze the malware. The response time to eliminate a cyber threat is shortened due to the data and analysis collected.

Additionally, EDR platforms are cloud-based, so your business won’t need an on-site server to house any collected data.

If you have a dedicated in-house IT department, then deploying this software should be no problem. However, if you don’t have an in-house IT department or cybersecurity team, consider working with a managed services provider to keep your network up-to-date and secure.


What Does CrowdStrike Falcon & The SentinelOne Singularity XDR Platform?

CrowdStrike Falcon and the SentinelOne XDR Platform are two prime examples of endpoint protection software. Each protects endpoints against threats and provides oversight into the endpoints living on your IT network. 

CrowdStrike Falcon

Falcon is CrowdStrike’s platform built to eliminate data breaches. Through its unified set of cloud-based technologies, Falcon can prevent a wide range of attacks from occurring. 

CrowdStrike Falcon has four editions. These package editions include Falcon Pro Falcon Enterprise, Falcon Premium, and Falcon Complete.

Crowdstrike Falcon eliminates those threats with a powerful, lightweight cloud-managed sensor. This sensor unifies next-generation antivirus (NGAV), endpoint detection and response (EDR), and cyber threat intelligence to investigate threats and enforce security hygiene.

SentinelOne Singularity XDR Platform

Much like the CrowdStrike Falcon, the SentinelOne Singularity XDR platform protects and tracks every endpoint within an IT network of devices. 

The SentinelOne Singularity XDR platform comes in three packages. Packages include Singularity Core, Singularity Control, and Singularity Complete.

SentinelOne Singularity incorporates endpoint protection (EPP), endpoint detection and response (EDR), IoT control, and cloud protection all in one. 

Moreover, it uses patented behavioral and static AI models to collect and analyze data about plausible threats.


Differences Between CrowdStrike Falcon & SentinelOne Singularity XDR

Many organizations rely on CrowdStrike Falcon and the SentinelOne Singularity XDR platform to secure their IT network. 

However, it can be hard to tell the difference between platforms when they claim to do the same thing.

To that point, let’s break down their differences to get a better idea of how each EDR platform functions.

1. Web-Based Management Console 

No matter your experience with EDR platforms, a web-based management console should be easy to understand and work with. When accessing CrowdStrike’s EDR platform, its web-based management console is not so user-friendly. 

CrowdStrike Falcon’s layout appears cluttered and involves several menus making it harder to tell what each does. 

Whether you’re a novice to cybersecurity software or have worked with several platforms, CrowdStrike Falcon’s interface layout may be more challenging to operate than Sentinel’s Singularity XDR platform.

SentinelOne makes asset management simple and effective.

For example, the Sentinel Singularity XDR platform compiles a list of sentinels of endpoints managed by the software. Each sentinel includes the status of a live threat to an endpoint, a time stamp related to the event, and the IP address of the endpoint.

For Crowdstrike Falcon, it can be hard to navigate to each channel when the dashboard doesn’t state the functionality of each menu.

2. Incident Response Team 

While both platforms are cloud-based solutions, they also include a human element for incident response.

The CrowdStrike Incident Response (IR) Services team collaboratively supports organizations undergoing critical security events like ransomware attacks

They conduct forensic analysis to resolve these attacks immediately and help develop a long-term cybersecurity plan to stop recurrences.

For SentinelOne, their Security Operations Centre (SOC) ensures that incident monitoring, analysis, and maintenance are handled promptly without taking a collaborative approach with their clients on remediating an event.

While both can mitigate threats and eliminate malware, SentinelOne’s SOC handles incidents differently. 

Security analysts use cyber intelligence tools to address security events and deliver strategic reports to the client once the attack has been eliminated.

3. Endpoint Security Packages

CrowdStrike Falcon package offers a wide range of modules to enhance the current edition you have. In contrast, SentinelOne Singularity is an all-in-one AI total solution. 

Think of a module as an independent unit of software or hardware. For CrowdStrike Falcon, each module offers an additional component to an edition of the software, which means that each module can enhance the current software edition your business has installed.

The SentinelOne Singularity XDR Platform is an all-in-one solution that doesn’t incorporate extra modules to increase interoperability like the CrowdStrike Falcon’s platform. 

SentinelOne Singularity runs upgrades to ensure that the platform is consistent with new rising cyber threats affecting businesses.


Which EDR Platform Is Better For Your Company?  

While you may not like the answer, the truth is that both platforms are excellent choices for endpoint protection. 

It comes down to what you’re looking for and your experience level with platforms like these. 

For example, suppose your business has a knowledgeable in-house IT team looking for a dynamic and complex dashboard with additional modules. In that case, CrowdStrike Falcon may be a better fit for your business.

Yet, let’s say your business is looking for a simple web-based management console to track all endpoints and ensure that risks are mitigated. In that case, the SentinelOne Singularity XDR Platform would be the better option. 

At LDI, we help our customers deploy SentinelOne to ensure that each endpoint on their IT network is well-protected and monitored. 

To get a deeper understanding of the SentinelOne Singularity XDR platform, check out our latest review on the software



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