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By: LDI Connect on August 21, 2020

Moving Forward With Unified Communications


You may notice that the productivity of your organization directly correlates to the amount of communication taking place in your business since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is understandable, due to the severity of the virus, there can be numerous instances leading to personally impact individuals across the globe. It is imperative that we remain united and support our communities through maintaining social responsibility protocols as a sign of mutual respect.

Maintaining productivity is important to your business and that means communication within your company is key. If your employees need to effectively work with one another, LDI ELEVATE can help. 

LDI ELEVATE is our Unified Communications as a Service (UCaas) platform. Unified communications describe a platform that integrates a phone system, video conferencing, chat, screen sharing, and file management into one hub. It’s a turnkey system that enables any type of communication activity. It also lives in the cloud, so it is accessible to all of your team members as long as they have an internet connection.

This system includes effortless installation and integration with productivity apps such as Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and SalesForce. This means that communication from instant messaging, conference calls, video chats, file sharing and more can be accessed through ELEVATE on your laptop or mobile device.

The cybersecurity and IT management included in this program allow for worry-free collaboration between your employees. The high-definition video and audio can be utilized in real-time or through call recording features, so individuals can go back to reference meeting highlights.

LDI ELEVATE has won the J.D. Power award four times in a row and has up to 99.999% reliability. It has been proven to increase connectivity in your workplace.

With unified communications, you can enjoy limitless communication from anywhere, at any time. The benefits of unified communications have the capacity to affect your business’s day-to-day, making it easier and more seamless for your employees to interact with each other, customers, and partners.

One thing is certain – companies across the board are facing these connectivity issues, and unified communications are critical for the future. Virtual collaboration tools will keep your company moving forward, no matter how long the pandemic lasts.

With a unified approach, communications are more fluid and easier, allowing for greater productivity and for you to get more out of all your technology. Learn more about LDI ELEVATE and its capabilities today!

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