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By: LDI Connect on October 30, 2020

Managed IT Services: How to Secure Your Corporate Real Estate

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Now more than ever, businesses are becoming reliant on technology solutions for their day-to-day operations. Organizations utilize hardware and software devices in conducting their business transactions and have begun implementing advanced technology systems around their offices to simplify corporate real estate and property management.  You may be asking yourself, ‘What does technology have to do with property management?’, and the answer is simple – technology runs every aspect of modern-day business, including the building it operates from.

The moment you enter a building, you go through an array of digital precautions to ensure your safety and the security of others inside the building. You are also surrounded by devices that utilize technology in ways you would not recognize, such as digital display advertisements, low voltage wiring and even the televisions in lobbies. The bottom line is that technology is beginning to run our corporate buildings, and these cost-effective solutions can help keep your organization concentrated on running business transactions per usual.

Let’s dive deeper…

What are LDI’s Property Management Solutions?

  • Security Access Solutions such as a proxy card with biometric and numeric keypad solutions for secure entry into buildings, offices, and rooms
  • Temperature Kiosks, or personnel and visitor management kiosks that screen individuals for elevated temperature, masks, and stranger detection
  • Digital Signage which includes display and content management for building directory, wayfinding, advertisement, and live streams
  • Thermal Printers, a cost-effective print systems for the temporary badge, barcode, and QR code badge entry
  • Security Systems including indoor and outdoor camera options with monitoring systems for preventative security
  • Wired & Wireless Design including low voltage wiring for patch panels, switches, hubs, and security systems

How Do Businesses Keep These Solutions Running Smoothly?

These property management solutions all fall under the expansive category of managed IT services. Outsourced solutions are set to maintain and anticipate a need for a range of processes and functions to improve operations and lower costs. Business technology is part of your everyday office equipment from smartphones to small handheld devices to software solutions – all operating hand-in-hand with managed IT services. As a cybersecurity solution, managed IT services oversees the flow of information between all of your devices to ensure that your data is protected.

With advancing technology, it is essential that your business not only keep your devices updated but also introduce a management solution to protect your valuable information from breaches. LDI CONNECT can regulate and safeguard all of your business’s devices and data through one cloud-based security system, ensuring your information is protected and kept secure.

Make sure that your business and client’s valuable data is protected. To learn more about LDI’s property management solutions or managed IT services through LDI CONNECT, reach out to a LDI expert today!

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