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By: LDI Connect on November 19, 2020

What to Expect from an LDI CONNECT Network Assessment

Cyber Security | LDI CONNECT

Is your organization’s computer network at risk? Without a recent and credible technology audit, you might not know. IT problems could be lingering on your network at any time, and your company could unintentionally leave your personal data and network infrastructure vulnerable.

Cyber-security has been on the rise for years as a result of the digital age, and during this time of unease amid COVID-19, it’s no surprise that hackers would increase their attacks now more than ever. During March 2020, online scams increased by over 400% in comparison to previous months. In a time where businesses and consumers are shifting their transactions mostly to e-commerce. This has allowed cyber-criminals to infiltrate organizations’ and individuals’ IT systems much more easily than before. The question is – are you prepared?

An IT audit from LDI acts as a third-party, unbiased assessment of your organization’s current hardware and software technology and network systems. There’s no software installation required to run our assessments, allowing for an easy appraisal process. Our technology audits take about 30 minutes on average for mid-sized networks. Upon completion, we provide you with a 6-8 page executive summary report that will provide you with both an assessment of your devices on said network, as well as a thorough “risk score” of your network’s potential issues. Once an LDI IT assessment has concluded, we will review your organization’s executive network summary with you to discuss our findings, answer any questions you may have, and suggest a cost-effective approach to better protect your network going forward.

LDI goes beyond traditional IT assessments by analyzing your technological vulnerabilities in five different categories. Hardware assessments scan your workstations, printers, servers, and non-AD devices such as routers. Software analysis checks your network systems for missing patches, security updates, anti-virus, firewall configuration, and much more including the password strength of local individual accounts. Secure network configurations cross-reference your security policy between network servers and computers while filtering content via social media, entertainment, and illegal documents to ensure outbound system access is blocked. Accessibility scans user access to network shares including a breakout of AD Security Group Membership. Security risks check that old user accounts have been disabled and are no longer given access to your network and scan for potential security risks on internal systems.

As an industry leader for over 20 years, LDI has the expert understanding and management abilities to assess your network and prepare your company for potential breaches ahead. Let’s ensure your technology is protected from all angles. To learn more contact an LDI representative today.

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