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By: LDI Connect on August 7, 2020

Upfront Protection with Web Gateway Security

Cyber Security

Due to limited capacity and social distancing standards as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a surge in transitions between the remote and office workplace. The devices you use to operate your daily business tasks could be at a heightened risk of breach. Web gateway security provides organizations with filters and policies that detect malicious internet activity in real-time.

This cloud-based technology utilizes software codes to sift through URL links and web applications to ensure your information’s protected from potential breaches. Web gateways cross check your search engine and URL in compliance with corporate policies to ensure your organizations specific security guidelines are followed. The instantaneous block of web and email threats as they emerge within your network is vital in cloud-based systems, as internet security is constantly evolving.

Web gateway security protects users across the network regardless of their location. Roamers have the same policies on their devices while they are out of office. These features allow for restricted access of the internet at certain times your administration deems necessary and can control access to certain sites. Components such as these would be advantageous during busy quarters of your business cycle and allows for growth of productivity and efficiency in your workplace.

It is essential to replace obsolete firewalls, especially as hackers try to infiltrate corporate networks during this time of vulnerability. Internet security is a race against time, and hackers are growing in capabilities and numbers. LDI CONNECT is here to protect your personal and corporate information from potential breaches. The last thing anyone needs right now is a cyber attack, and we understand how critical having your business stay afloat in these times is. On average, breaches costs organizations 1.2 million dollars in damages – from stolen information to loss of valuable business time, due to unprecedented distraction.

Don’t jeopardize the security of your personal or corporation’s valuable information. Web gateway security protects your employees from engaging in suspicious online activity before damage has been done. Learn more about how LDI CONNECT offers cyber security protection today!

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