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By: LDI Connect on September 11, 2020

The Power of Non-Touch Technology

Office Copiers, Printers, and MFPs

Heading back to work shouldn’t compromise the health of your employees. The spread of COVID-19 can occur through close contact with an infected individual or surfaces they may have touched. This means that although businesses are reopening, minimum capacity laws are in place to assure our communities stay safe. Offices must take extra precautions during this time, and LDI offers the non-touch hardware and software technology to ensure the safety of your employees.

Non-touch technology minimizes contact between people through voice activated features or through apps created by our manufacturer partners to release jobs from a distance. Your organization can continue to operate efficiently without the need for constant disinfection on commonly shared office supplies.. 

With voice-activated copiers and printers, your traditional office will be able to fully utilize all aspects of multi-functional document management. These voice activated copier commands utilize Alexa-type voice recognition hardware to minimize the need to touch the machine without losing out on the functionality. 

Other non-touch technology options include emulating the control panel and hard keys on your local computer screen, which further allows users to operate all system functions remotely. Ultimately, this limits employee contact with the publicly used control panels on your devices.

These devices power the modern day office. With non-touch technology, your workplace needs are fulfilled without the lift of a finger – increasing productivity and protecting your employees from the virus.

Spend less time worrying about the spread of COVID-19 and minimize your physical contact with the public and shared office devices by using voice activated commands and remote control panels. LDI’s non-touch workflow strategies reduce the amount of contact and chance for spread of infection. Learn more about our non-touch solutions for your office today!

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