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By: Angela Cook on August 2, 2021

Top 3 Benefits of Voice-Activated Printing For Business

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Virtual assistants have entered the office technology space, and our guess is that they won’t be leaving for a while. From turning on the lights to placing a personal call, virtual assistants have made everyday tasks more convenient than ever.

With their ability to seamlessly connect to multifunction devices, the average workplace just became a lot more hip and innovative.

Here at LDI Connect, our Managed Print Services specialize in evaluating our prospects and customer’s print environment to recommend solutions that meet their evolving needs long-term. With more companies planning on heading back to the office now after the pandemic, many hope to make a safe transition back. One of the print solutions that we have recommended to several clients is voice-activated printing.

This article will explain what voice-activated printing is and the three key benefits of utilizing it for business. By the end of this article, you will better understand how voice-activated printing can help your business.


What Is Voice-Activated Printing? 

Voice-Activated Printing enables users to use voice commands to control their multifunction printer (MFP). Voice integrated printing provides you with the option to tell your printer what to do through a voice-activated and hands-free virtual assistant.

You may be familiar with virtual assistants, Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant. These three virtual assistants allow you to use your voice to interact with their technology so that they can complete tasks and answer questions you ask.

Essentially, voice-activated printing provides the option of speaking to a virtual assistant that is ideally situated close to your MFP to access, send, or retrieve a print job. A user can also activate other actions such as cleaning the device and running an update on the software.

While most manufacturers offer voice-activated printing, it’s always best to check with an independent dealer or your manufacturer of choice to see which MFP can best fit your print needs.


What Are The 3 Benefits of Voice-Activated Printing For Business? 

Voice-activated printing is beneficial for companies looking for a unique way to keep their employees safe and productive while also keeping their print jobs secure.

Let’s cover three significant benefits of utilizing voice-activated printing for your business.

1. Assists People With Disabilities

Having the ability to control a multifunction printer with voice commands is essential for employees with disabilities.

Voice-activated printing can help employees avoid any plausible discomfort that may occur from manually operating an MFP. There’s also the added benefit of saving them time and effort in completing a print-related task.

Seeing as voice-activated printing enables users to control the device’s operations, users also can access and navigate its maintenance settings on their printers without physically making a trip to the printer to do so.

Overall, voice-activated printing provides a more seamless document workflow for employees with disabilities that need to complete day-to-day print jobs.

2. Non-Touch Environment

After the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses look for ways to optimize their work environment and make it safe for employees to conduct business operations again.

Through voice-activated printing, employees can access an MFP without touching a screen or button. A hands-free print experience can minimize the possibility of employees touching a germ-filled surface. 

Hands-free printing may seem unnecessary to some who are very used to printing manually. However, with more and more devices connected wirelessly through Bluetooth, speaking to a wireless virtual assistant to complete a print job is not too far out of reach

3. Integrates Security Capabilities

A massive perk of voice-activated printing is its voice learning capabilities. Voice-activated printing can essentially match your voice to your user information within your company’s network. 

Not only does this save time from manually confirming your information via the device or a key card. However, this means that your MFP will be able to recognize if an unauthorized person is trying to collect a print job that isn’t theirs.

For example, suppose one of your employees has a highly confidential spreadsheet that needs to be printed for today’s meeting. In that case, that employee can send that job to the printer copier and collect it by simply speaking to the virtual assistant. The virtual assistant will then determine if the employee trying to retrieve the print job is authorized or not.

While accessing an MFP through key card access or an identification number can work, voice-activated printing streamlines the process and helps employees easily send and retrieve their print jobs.


Ready To Implement Voice-Activated Printing For Your Business?

Voice-activated printing is a helpful solution for companies looking to provide an inclusive option that optimizes the safety of their employees and the security of their information.

At LDI Connect, we work with clients to install voice activation software applications and the necessary virtual assistant hardware. We then connect it to the cloud and ensure that your voice-activated printing setup is running smoothly.

Learn more about how LDI Connect assists customers in cutting print costs through our managed print program.

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